TTTO 8: Just Casper


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Oct 8, 2004

"TTTO 8: Just Casper"
Written by Daz, Inspired by MJ


Michael is fed up with Hollywood so
he agrees to plunge into another adventure with Carol.
Can he be “just Casper” or is his life doomed anyway?
This is Part 8 of “TTTO”


“Hit off”
One September day…
Carol awoke feeling a weight on her body. She should have gotten
used to it by now but still it awoke her cause
it meant he was having a nightmare and just sought comfort in her.
Now, their little ‘secret’ was out in the open since
they had to spend a few days in hospital again and
she had to ‘calm’ him down that night.

It didn’t take her long to fall asleep though as
Michael’s peaceful waves travelled through her veins.
She tried not to move as he was really pinning her to the mattress.
Maybe, you would shrug him off but
she knew that was the only way that he felt ‘save’ enough to
sleep nowadays. Yeash, blame the vultures for that!

She did ponder over the fact if it would be a good idea to drag him
with her into another adventure but he agreed he was fed up with
Hollywood. So, let’s see what the ‘Casper’ thing brought along…

The Alarm both woke them with a shudder and
it made him cringe in and squeeze her as he was still holding onto her.
She caressed his hair when she quietly whispered ‘good morning’ and
he lifted his head up from her chest only to look in her bright smiling
face. He was convinced he woke up in heaven every day with
her by his side.
The alarm was still howling and so Carol tried to reach the darn thing.
It finally shut up when he let her go.
“Okay, you ready? “
He vulnerably looked at her but still nodded ‘Yeash’ though.
There was no way back now as they both got enrolled in
a Nursing College. Yeah, you read that right… Nursing!
Well, Michael insisted that Carol shouldn’t really
‘throw her life away’ cause he met her and since
she passed her 1st year but did skip her 2nd by ‘saving’ him instead.
Michael had carefully suggested that she could ‘go back’ and
fulfill her dream and he would try a ‘career change’ too.
Did he really thought it through?
Well, stuff like that can’t really be plucked into details cause you would never even enroll if
you knew all the ‘bits and bobs’ of what to expect really, right?
It was like a two edged sword really.
The REAL world looked exciting and thrilling but also scary cause
ever since he was a kid he had always been ‘shielded’ from
the REAL world, you know!
It was about time he really ‘felt’ what it meant to be ‘living’ after all.

“Joe College”

Okay, they made a clear Xscape plan though. Carol had bought
‘matching’ cell phones with her number ‘saved’ in it and
the moment he felt ‘trapped’ or somehow ‘in danger’
he HAD to call her number.
I know, Cells are NOT really ‘allowed’ during classes but
she had insisted that she needed it and if it would even ring during
a class, she had to take it.
The school agreed somehow as they both needed to come clean about
it. All the teachers needed to sign a ‘confidential’ agreement not to
babble about who Casper Gale was and so
she just pray upon the moon and stars,
it wouldn’t ring on the first day though.

She had ‘dressed’ Michael to a Tee like any Mother or
loving Wife would do and send him off into the ‘lion’s den’
hoping for the BEST really!
He promised her he would be okay and if ‘in danger’ he would call her.
So far so good, she left him there at the door of his class and
he walked in taking a seat at the back in the ‘safe’ corner of the class
room. Some peeps were already there, they just nodded at him as
he got settled.

More students strolled in and then finally the teacher.
He had exactly kind of ‘idolized’ this situation when Carol talked about what
he could expect from it and now it seemed daunting and
scary as hell so he kept a low profile and certainly kept his hoodie on.
He was ‘briefed’ like a ‘first grader’ on how to act in
a class environment and when the teacher called out his name…
he only raised his hand and uttered a deep ‘Yeash’.
He felt all eyes on him that made him even crawl more into
his blue hooded sweater. It would be ‘lame’ to just run out now and
even call her on the 1st hour now, would it?

He did listen attentively at the teacher explaining all the rights and
duties of a skilled nurse. Part of him freaked out over
the responsibility and part of him understood Carol even more now.
He was exactly listening and experiencing what she went through
last year and that grew the ‘bond’ even stronger with her.
Well, they say if you want a ‘strong’ connection with someone or
anyone, you should try to walk a few moons in their shoes and
that was what he was doing now.
The lesson ended and it seemed like everyone came ‘alive’ as
they got up from their seats and moved like in a herd outside.
Was he meant to follow that herd?

He checked the timetable in his dairy and yep,
it mentioned a ‘cookie break’ or a ‘smoke break’ or
whatever you do in a ‘break’.
The noise outside was kind of loud and chatty.
It did remind him of his fans though when they were chanting in
front of his hotel. How many times did he wish to be among them?
Now, he didn’t dare to move. How silly is this, hey?
“Hey Casper! “ She yelled from the entrance.

It startled him out of his flood of thoughts and then
he recognized her. He got up and neared her.
“Hey Babe”
She peeked into his hoodie.
“You okay? “
He only nodded.
“So…” she broke the ice that was swimming between them now as
the corridor seemed like ‘alive’ with people walking in and out of
class rooms.
“How was it? “
“Quite interesting! “ He spoke in his low voice.
“You’re allowed to leave the room though during ‘breaks’.
Get your stuff and walk with me“ she kindly suggested.

He glared at her and then glanced around.
Brazenly, he followed her as she took his hand and
led her into her world. Quite a scary place though!
There were ‘groups’ of people everywhere, chatting
drinking soda of course and the ones he spotted outside were
smoking like old fashioned trains.

Soon, too soon… The bell rang and everyone scattered around
like busy ants to their class room again.
He reluctantly let go of her and slouched back into the class room.
Some eyes darted his way as he sat down but then
they ‘focused’ on the board again.

The teacher kept babbling about responsibilities and he wondered if
he could even sit out this class. He signed up to help people not
sit through this what seemed obvious that you already knew about.
It seemed to grasp the attention of his fellow students who were
scribbling like their life depended on it.
Was he exactly so different that he thought this was just
‘pointless’ and ‘wasting’ your life away.
He had to do something to quiet that ‘frizzle’ that was building up
inside of him so he took out a pencil and his notebook and
started scribbling too.

He felt the teacher smiling at him and he did dare to
glance up at her. She stumbled over her words and
to distract herself, she turned to the white board to
scribble something on it.
Of course, they had to know WHO enrolled right?
It didn’t matter his silly name was ‘Casper Gale’ now.
He still resembled MJ though. Yeash, that is the reason why
he kept his ‘hoodie’ on for sure! It was not his intention to
become the ‘talk’ of the school cause
all they would want was a piccie, an autograph, a song or
even dance for me, huh! Like he wasn’t HUMAN anymore and
just a puppet on a string pulled in every direction but the sane one.

“Saved by the bell”

The Bell announced Lunch break and as everyone was
packing up their belongings and leaving the class room for
the well deserved lunch, someone neared Michael ehh… Casper!
“Hey… Casper, right? “ She called out and tried to peek into his hoodie.
He only nodded as he now was stuffing his backpack too.
It was somehow misbehaving and he tried not to curse or
hurl it halfway the room.
“Can I help you? “ She offered and then
Michael okay Casper spotted who she was.

For a moment, her appearance startled him. She looked like
the Queen of darkness LOL.
No seriously, they call them ‘gothic’ right?
He did always admire their sense of clothing, their being ‘different
from all the rest kind of attitude’ and the moment
she offered her help, he knew she was okay.
“Thanks” he answered in his soft voice now.

It made her smile though. All through the morning,
she couldn’t keep her eyes from him. He looked familiar!
His scent, his aura, his demeanor… There was something special
about that ‘hoodie boy’ or was it simply cause
she was always ‘attracted’ by those beings that ‘stood out’ from
the crowd somehow. Geeks recognize geeks, right?
Like a 6th sense! Like YOU belong to my world!

“My name is Macy Holder” she politely outstretched her hand when
all his belongings were neatly packed in his backpack now.
He gently shook her black laced gloved hand and
said his name too just for the politeness of the moment.

“Pleasure to meet you, I’m Casper.”
He withdrew his hand fixing his backpack on his shoulders.
Darn those books weigh heavy!
“Casper… ? “
He glanced at her Ruby red necklace in the shape of a heart and whispered: “Just Casper”
“Okay” she giggled. “ Just Casper for now, hey!
Want me to show you the cafeteria? “
“Would be nice…” Casper glanced at the doorway. “But I’m waiting…”
“Yeah of course, you have someone. All the COOL guys I meet are
always taken. I wonder if it’s the black dress I’m wearing though”
she babbled now fretting at it as if it was wrinkled the wrong way.
“No, it’s fine… You look pretty in it. It really suits you! “
“Ah, thanks! “ She blushed.

He reached out to her and it made her smile.
“I like this! Where did you get this? “ He rubbed his long fingers over
the heart pendant feeling its sharp cuts.

Then in the corner of his eye, he spotted Carol.
His hand jerked away from her and as he lowered his head,
his hoodie obscured his face going red with shame.
He didn’t mean to talk with anyone else but she seemed nice though
as she only smiled at him and didn’t set him on that ‘pedestal’
screaming out his REAL name to the world.

“Oh, we were just talking! “ She only uttered as
Carol doomed up beside her to say ‘Hello’.
“Well, Casper. See you laters! “
“Yeah, okay” He only muttered.
“Hey” she lifted his chin up revealing his ‘lobster’ like face to her.
“I’m proud of you, you know! You already made a friend.”
“I did? “ He asked in awe.
“You’ll be fine.” She patted him on his shoulder.
“Let’s go get some lunch, right? “
“Sure, babe”

“Just another day”

Yep, she shouldn’t really worry about him though as
he had another ‘alley’ to keep him save now but
you know if you love someone, you just can’t help worrying about them.
I guess, it is a small price you pay for loving someone, right?
Carol’s teacher was babbling about patient care and
all she could ponder over was Casper. How would he be now?
Bored, scared or enjoying himself?
Saving someone creates a bond stronger than an umbilical cord so
letting go is the toughest thing to do now. Not that she wanted to ‘control’ him and
‘suffocate’ him though in a matter of speech but doubts started to seep in.

What if he loved that chick even more?
Was she too bossy? Why had she dragged him all the way here?
She was not ready to lose him to some chick though.
The cookie break bell rang and it made her slouch out of the room
in search of her loved one.
When she got to his class room, he had gone and
her heart fluttered in fear. In the distance, he heard laughter and
it made her cringe in as he saw Yeash…
Him and that chick walking together.
Phew, they weren’t holding hands yet!
I know, it’s silly. Carol should be pleased on how well
he was adjusting to his new life as Casper but
remember the ‘letting go’ part, hey!

Daring, she did walk into their direction but
not calling out his name as she passed them.
She was chatting about something and
he was obviously just listening.
Then, a feeling hit him like outta nowhere. He glanced around and
saw her there in the crowd moving like a herd to the cafeteria.
Would he call out to her now? Gain interest from others?
He was torn cause Macy was still babbling about her fave game
she plays. Though, he was intrigued, he excused himself and
drawn out of her bubble she only nodded ‘yes’.
Carol felt a tap on her shoulder and she looked straight at him.
She seemed a little upset he could tell.

“Hey Babe”
Yeah, her glance definitely told her something was eating her alive now.
“What’s the matter, Hun? “ he wanted to know.
She only shrugged at first entering the busy cafeteria and
heading for the sandwich rolls display.
Somehow all that worrying had made her hungry.
He followed her and glared at what she was doing.
One roll, two rolls, okay 3! Something was definitely up.
“Okay… Stop right there! “ He spoke and got hold of her ‘comfort food’.

“Please tell me! I’m Casper, remember! “ He winked at her.
Eager, she looked at those rolls and then shyly she glanced at him.
“I miss you! “ She only uttered returning her glance
at the food plate he was still holding onto.
“Awww, sweety! Is this why you are eating that crap? “
He shoved her that plate in front of her face.
It only made her shrug now.
“Can I have it anyway? I’m hungry. “
“Of course, you can.” He gave the plate back to her and
whispered in her ear.
“You know, I love you.”

It made her smile and she only nodded holding onto her plate.
He spotted Macy in the distance and she only smiled too.
Women, hey!
They took a open spot in the crowded place in a corner and
Carol gobbled up her rolls. Casper just sat there and suddenly
a thought hit him. He leaned over to her and whispered in her ear.
“I’m hungry too.”

With her mouth stuffed with food now, she wanted to offer him
the last piece of her roll but his eyes revealed a naughty desire.
“I want you! “ He whispered again.

She was relieved she just swallowed or she would have
choked in it for sure.
She wanted to give him a bold answer too now but
that darn school bell ruined her desire so all she could say now
was: “Can it wait till lunch time? “
He noticed the whole herd flocking to exit the cafeteria and
all he nodded was a disappointed ‘Yeash’.
Well, she didn’t give him a ‘NO’ now, did she?

He did offer to put her plate away and hand in hand they walked out
into the corridor. She reluctantly let him go when
he reached his class room and to make it okay,
he only blew her a kiss which made her stomach sworn with
butterflies now.

He felt like a teeny in love too only fantasying of
how he was gonna make love to her and that is why
he kept his head low not to attract any attention.
It was yet another ‘boring’ lesson but it didn’t bother him
much now cause he needed to make it alright with
the Missus to be, right?

In Carol’s case, she was ‘daydreaming’ too trying to hide her smile as
she was thinking how silly she behaved there but
it did have effect, didn’t it?

When finally the lunch bell rang, she couldn’t hold her excitement and
notice her hands trembling too. Eager for what to come now,
she put her stuff away with a content smile and was about
to leave the room as a friend spoke to her.
Now was not the moment for silly talk though and
she excused herself quickly leaving the girl behind
in ‘confusion’ somehow.

With a big steady pace, she trotted to his class room.
All the students flooded out of the room but
she only had eyes for one. Yeah, the one in the blue hoodie.
It made her shudder really when she caught up with him and
he only smiled at her. He took her hand and announced: “ Let’s go! “
It wasn’t posh and looked rather cheap but
he led her to the restroom. Okay, which one should he choose, hey?
“Excuse me” he heard someone say and
he brushed against him eager to make him a pound lighter.

Casper only nodded ‘no’ and led her to a more reclusive place but
there they caught young lovers too. It made him sigh as
he squeezed her hand.
“What is this place really? What has a man gotta do to get some
privacy around here? “ He blurted out.
“It’s College, Hun.”
“Yeah, I know” He snapped a little and then excused himself to her.
“Maybe, it’ll be better if we wait till tonite and
get ourselves some lunch first?” She suggested.

Casper jerked his hand out of her grip and stated:
“ No, I want you! “
Okay, that came out louder than expected and it
made him blush and hideaway even more into his blue hoodie.
She touched his chin and spoke the comforting words:
“ It’s alright. It’s gonna be okay, Hun.”

He felt like singing right then and there you know…
“Give into me… Quench my desire… Give it when I want to cause
I’m on fire…”

But he was Just Casper and needed to maintain a low profile cause
this was high school minus ‘the musical’ lol. Okay, College then!
Instead, he bit his lip and that made her eager now too.
“I know just the place! “ She whispered in his ear quietly and
she noticed him shivering of excitement. She grabbed his hand and
led him to indeed what looked like a ‘secluded’ part of the campus.
Grass, trees and bushes. That was more like it.
Though after a few ‘Touch and goes’ again their peace was
disturbed by others and he had heard her stomach protesting already.
One Romantic kiss on her lips and he offered her lunch.
“Okay, dear” was all she answered as he took her hand and
they walked in silence back to the cafeteria. Oh, they had stuffed
their backpacks in their lockers just to be free during lunch break
though a lot of ‘freedom’ was not granted.
He was glad she was hungry as she was stuffing her face really and
he hardly enjoyed his sandwich in the hustle and
bustle of the crowded place.

It suddenly made her look up as he wasn’t touching his food anymore.
“Shall we go outside again? “
He only glanced at her and sighed. He wished he could just ‘fit in’ and
be so ‘joyous’ like her but his ears were ringing and
his head was pounding and he felt like he could implode any minute now.
He felt something was not right and then
her glare caught his eye.
Was he feeling her distress signals?
Could he even act now or was he doomed to suffer through
this ordeal cause he was mocked again.
It seriously hurt no matter if he was just Casper again and
he had to pin himself down on that chair not to make a scene at all.

She took one final bite of her sandwich and
swallowed it down with some fizz.
“What? “ She only whispered reaching out her hand that
felt the sleeve of his sweater now.
She exactly felt him ‘shivering’ and then
the commotion caught her attention too.
She only nodded ‘Yeash’ and trembling he got up and
neared the ‘inferno’.

The bullies were still at it and he felt like her distress signals were
tearing him apart but he withstood the storm and as
he laid a reassuring hand on her shoulder, one glanced at
the ‘hoodie boy’ and the ‘hate’ flooded towards her now.
“Seems like Morticia here has got a friend.”

“Yeah, Hoodie boy. Show us your face! “ One scolded and
Casper now realized he had to brace himself as
he glanced over at Carol. She only smiled as
they were peeking into it now.

With his eyes still locked at Carol’s for ‘moral’ support somehow,
he acted too late when one pulled off his hood and
it felt like he had slapped ‘sense’ into all those bullies as
they sat there ‘gawking’ at him now somehow realizing
what they had done.

Casper used his silence as his ‘protective shield’ and
only took Macy by her arm. She got up and just swung her
shoulder bag over her head and followed him.
Casper had pulled on his hood again and as quietly as he came in,
he left together with two kindred souls.

Of course, one of the teachers dining there too had alarmed the Principal and
she was now heading for the cafeteria.
She almost bumped into them.
“Are you okay, Sir? “ She acted startled.
“Yeash, Ma’am but I’m afraid we have to leave now. “
“Okay” was all she managed to utter as they left her there
standing in the empty hallway now.

“Macy, are you okay”

“Let’s go home” he first whispered under his breath and when he didn’t get a reply,
he looked up to her caring face.
Carol only nodded and glanced at Macy.
“Where do you live, Hun? “ He asked her boldly and
all she did was stare at him first till he squeezed her hand.
“Or you wanna stay? “
She tried to speak but only squeaked somehow.
“You okay, Macy? “

She only nodded as she felt the warmth of his hand in hers.
This was too good to be true and she hoped that
no one would shrug her awake now.
“I’m sorry if I scared you but those chicks were really mean.”

Once out on the parking lot when they got their backpacks out
of their lockers. She found her voice back.
“I should have known when you said ‘Just Casper’ and
I hope they haven’t hurt you too much.
They don’t know any better, I guess.”
“Oh, they… Forget about them, Hun. They’re only little fish in the ocean.
I’ve been through worse than that. “
Suddenly, he realized his leg hadn’t been acting up lately.
Hmmmm, nice!

“Thank you”

“Well, you have to go now, right? “
He only shook his hoodie.
Charmed, she looked straight into his eye though and only
smiled at him. See, you still have ‘down to earth’ fans that
don’t shriek and make a scene.
“Thank you! “ was all he whispered softly.
“You’re welcome, Cas! “ She politely responded and winked at him.
She leaned towards him and whispered to him now.
“If you ever come back, please let me know. I’ll protect you too.”
It made her blush as of course Carol still stood by his side so
she addressed herself to her too.
“It’s pleasure meeting you, Carol “ She spoke politely and serene now.
“Please take care of him, hey! “
Carol only smiled and uttered a well meant ‘Thank you’ too before
breaking the news that they had to leave now.
“Thank you! “ She whispered again and slipped him a note
he carefully took and hid in his pocket. He pulled her near and
whispered something in her ear.
“Yeash” was her answer as she nodded. “I better get back now”
He did wave at her leaving her there in the parking lot with a smile.

When they hit the safety of the car, he spoke.
“She was kind, was he? “
“Yeah indeed. You ‘feeling better already? “
He only nodded strapping his seatbelt on as Carol fired up the engine
and checked if she could drive out of the parking lot.
Casper looked behind her but she was gone already.
Should he have brought her along or would she be alright now?
The ride home was silent as the traffic was quite busy and
she needed to focus to get themselves home in one piece.
“I’m sorry” He suddenly crashed the silence.
He had lowered his hood as the car had tinted windows .
Carol not taking her eye of the road answered it was okay though.
Claiming that College was just not the right place for him though
he had been left in peace till now.

“You’re missing a class now too” he fiddled with the string of his sweatpants.
“You remember the promise, hey!”
“Yeah” he sighed. “What are you gonna do now? “
“How ‘ ye mean? “ She jerked her head briefly his way and
then back at the road ahead.
“Well, I can stay home with the kids. I know, they would love it and
you can go to College cause we only see each other during breaks and
then yet we can’t have a moment of peace.”
“No matter what you say. I’m not leaving you alone.
I promised to take care of you.”
“Well, you are. Driving me home like that! “
“You’re welcome! “ She answered as she took the exit
she needed to take with a swift curb.

“I feel like dancing when we get home” he whispered somehow
it was forbidden now.
It only made her smile cause that was Michael, you know!
His mind always set on creating a path rather than
following a narrow curved one.

“Would you mind, Carol? “ He asked as he didn’t get an answer back.
“Why should I mind? “ was her reply as
she briefly looked at him and then back at the road again.
They were almost home now.
“I’ll be careful not to overdo it.”
“Okay, sweetie.” She hurled the SUV on the driveway and
came to a stop in front of the house.
“We’re home” she spoke like one of those GPS systems.
“Cool” he cried out and jumped out of the car even
forgetting his backpack.

Macy however walked back in and just headed for her classroom.
She still felt the warmth of his hand and the way
he called her ‘Hun’ made her smile. She wouldn’t babble it around though cause
she respected his privacy too much.
Should she have said she loved him instead?

“Shattered dream”

All the teachers did sigh though once the News spread like wildfire
raging through the building. As they watched his empty seat,
for a minute they thought it was their fault he left somehow.
He was seen as the golden pupil though. Always kind, always quiet
though but at least he didn’t mess up the lesson then with his attitude.
They did admit, they would miss him though
they had to be quiet about it.

Yeah, for the nosy readers. He did enjoy dancing and
it made all his fears flush away in an instant and
Yeash to the ‘burning query’ that they made love that night.
Sweet seducing sighs, hey!

Next day arrived and he did insist that she should not have to quit
because of him. He just had a face that ‘shattered’ any dream now!
“Don’t throw your life away for me, please” he begged her.
“I’m sure, you would make a fine nurse. Just go and
make me proud. Would you do this for me? “
“For you, Hun. Anything” she answered as she swiftly kissed him.
“Please say…” Would he dare to ask her?
“Yeah, Michael. I’ll give her your love. Go ahead and
make me proud too and be careful today, okay.
I’m only a phone call away, right? “

He only nodded having that mischievous look on his face.
Carol did have a plan B in mind though.
She would not just ‘abandon’ him so she ‘secretly’ called Diane
to ask if she was free today ‘to keep an eye on him’ LOL and
she agreed. Once again, they had to come up with a plan so
he would not just ‘crash and burn’ again.

~ Copyright 2015 ~