TTTO 9: Hallow


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Oct 8, 2004
" TTTO 9: Hallow "
Written by Daz, Inspired by MJ.
Photo edited by Euan.


There is a a new hype in town.
The place to be "Darshan".
Can you exactly start anew?
This is Part 9 and the 'final' part in TTTO.

“Too early”

The alarm clock woke her and startled she veered up to silence it so
that ‘Prince charming’ would not be awoken too but too late as
he yawned and stretched.
“How late? “ was his only query.
“Too early” was her only reply as she neared him for a good morning
exactly ‘goodbye’ kiss too but he pulled her near and
when minutes had passed she did have to pull back insisting
she’d be late for class.
Michael only sighed about it. What was he gonna do all day, hey?
Realizing he was still in bed minutes before she had to leave for class,
she did linger back into the bedroom.
“Hey, did you forget something? “
He only asked checking out the late.
“YOU, my dear! “
“I’ll be okay today” he insisted though he could hardly hide
his sadness facing another ‘pointless’ day alone cause
the kids had school remember. Private lessons or not,
it was still an ‘education’ while he was left to dry as they say.

“You okay? “
She wondered feeling his sad vibe as he got out of bed.
“Yeah” he sighed. “You’ll be late for class, won’t you? “
She only shrugged.
“You know , I hate to see you like that. “
“Like what? “ He checked himself out. “Is my hair out of place? “
He brushed his hands through it.
“You know what I mean. “ She sounded a little hurt.
“I feel like I’m abandoning you and I vowed I would take care of you.”
She hung her head down.
“You know what we talked about” he replied serious.
“Now, Missy… Chooo! Chooo! “
“I know” she sighed as Michael escorted her to the front door.
“Anyway, what you having this week? Lessons or work? “
“Lessons this month” she answered as she unlocked the car.
“Now be careful”
“Thanks, you too dear! “

Michael remained at the front door as he was only wearing his
pajama bottoms and a crisp white T-shirt. He waved at her when
she pulled out the driveway and out and about into the BIG BAD world.
He strolled indoors checking if the kids were awake yet.
Late afternoon soon came by and Carol was eager to go home.
It was exactly the first day she couldn’t get a ‘Michael-sitter’ lol and
that is what worried her all day. NOT that Michael shouldn’t be
left alone but still when you care for someone, you simply worry if
for some ‘LIFE’ reason you have to leave them behind.
She carelessly parked the SUV on the gravel in the courtyard in front of
the mansion and rushed indoors like she had left the cake in
the oven somehow. It didn’t take her long to ‘locate’ him and
it soothed her heart instantly that he was still in ‘one piece’ the way
she left him this morning.

"I'm Home, Honey"

“That’s pretty, Sweet. “ She broke the silence as he was painting and
totally oblivious of his surroundings now so
her touch startled him a bit.
“Oh” she pulled back.

“Hey Babe, you’re home. How was your day? “
She only shrugged. All day, she had fretted about leaving him alone and
all sorts of ‘doom’ scenario’s played around in her head and
the lessons she had didn’t really put her mind at ease though.
He put his brush down and cupped his hands over her chin looking
straight in her gaze. It always took her breath away and
she tried to lower her head like in shame.

“I am proud of you, you know! “ He said in his soft voice and
swiftly kissed her full on her red lips. Now who could resist that, hey!
Avoiding the whole ‘BLAH’ feeling now, she asked him what
he wanted for dinner and that was always a ‘red’ flag for him.
“Wait! “ He called out and pulled her near as she had indeed
squirmed her way out of him.

“You don’t have to go to school to prove anything to me though.
I feel your heart isn’t in it anymore, right? “
Tears of sadness pricked in her eyes and Michael just wiped the ones
that were escaping the inferno away with a soft finger of his.
“I don’t like to see YOU this way too. I didn’t mean to push you away.
I… missed… you today… too”
he only uttered feeling tears sprung to his eyes too.
“I wish…” she began and then shook her head no.
“What Babe? I’ll give you anything! You know that, don’t yé? “
Carol only nodded while tears glimmered on her cheeks.
“I missed you too” she slobbered.
“Ah, sweetie! “ He motioned to come closer to him and
he hugged her tight.
A few Blissful moments had passed before he spoke again.

“So, you still wanna be with me? “
She ripped herself from his grip and only slammed
her fist in his shoulder.
“Of course, you silly! I only did it to make you proud but
see how it turned out. It makes us both miserable, see…”
He only nodded as he pulled her near again to only kiss her
to ‘make up’ for what he just asked.
“What about an Art store? Would you like that? “
She didn’t answer his query so he continued…

“I’m afraid you have to give up your studies then and
I don’t wanna push you nor chain you on me…”
He waited for answer but she only nodded.
“It’s something we can do together though. I could paint and
sell my art and you can… I don’t know manage the store or
whatever you wanna do… “
“You mean like an Art gallery or art supply store? “
She asked while her face brightened up again.
“Hmmm…” he rubbed his chin pensively.
“Maybe we could do both as you would need more supplies now,
right? In the shop window, we could have a little ‘gallery’ and
then in the store sell the stuff so it would be creative too.
Did you have that in mind? “
“I just want something we can do together and is
totally not 'Hollywoodish', you know? Would it attract many fans? “
He asked thoughtful.
“Well, only the creative ones then” she boldly answered him.
“I do get what you mean though. You want it ‘leech free’ hey”
she chuckled.
“Yeah if possible! “
“Well, as long as it doesn’t carry the name ‘Michael Jackson’
I’m sure you’ll be save, won’t yé? “
“I suppose so” he let out a deep sigh.
What was once a dream come true, felt like a burden or even
a curse right now cause how many lives did he have left now?

“So how should I call you then? Donald? “
“Oh Boy” he rolled his eyes.
“I can’t imagine why that was her first choice though. I’m afraid,
you have to stop calling me “Michael” then.”
He gave her a funny face.
It made her laugh for sure which instilled laughter in him too.
“I did love the name Casper though.”
“Yeah me too” she replied affirmative.
“We could just put another name on the door right?
Doesn’t have to be yours, hey! “
“I’ve been thinking about that though. What about DARSHAN? “
“That is special indeed! “
“Yeah, I know. It means GIFT or VISION and it’s a Hindu name.
It doesn’t spell MJ, right? ”
“Well no if you don’t know the meaning of it.”
“Oh right? Maybe we just need a lame name on it then,
you know like John Doe or Art store... “ He sighed.
“Well, I’m sure not a lot of people exactly look up the meaning of
names though as long as it sounds good, hey! “
“Yeah” he only answered.
“You want me to do the Admin too or can I call Diane for that? “
She asked boldly.
“Yeah, I should get in touch with her. I admit I miss her too besides
she got me out of that screwy contract.
I haven’t forgotten that, you know.”

So, to make a long story short lol. Diane was so pleased Michael…
yeah, I know… Casper…
hadn’t forgotten about her and she would get him the BEST
location and MOST successful start ever.


So, opening day at "Darshan Art Store" had been a success really
when he reminisced about it before turning off the light.
Yeah, indeed. He slept like a baby now with her by her side and
often did thank her for saving him from his doom.
Did he miss all the adulation and fame?
I'm sure, he didn't as it felt good to be just 'treated' as
a 'human' instead of 'a thing of desire'.

Was that the ultimate price he had to pay to keep his life?
Well, life always has sacrifices now, does it?
It's always what price is affordable to pay.

The place just located on W Pico Blvd.
Yeah, in Century City in Los Angeles. The city of dreams, hey!
Well, it felt like a dream now and though Michael (aka Casper now)
had been really nervous about this new adventure but
once he saw how they reacted and exactly only had eye for the stuff
he sold rather than to cling on him for dear life (lol) ,
his mind was more at ease.
It could have been the change of hairstyle too.
He could tell Carol was not impressed by it but
it worked to keep any 'groupies' at bay.
They did glare at him as to ask
'I know you from somewhere though but nah couldn't be'.

He dodged the black curls. ARGH, I know!
He even went as far as dying his hair white or greyish.
Michael did admit it shocked him too when the foil came off
at the hairdresser but then something happened.
Another customer popped in for a hair app and
she only nodded 'hello' to him.
Once, the customer had left again,
he returned to his once 'famous' customer.
"You like it? "

"Yeah" Casper peeked at his reflection which didn't resemble him
anymore as he tried to touch the spikes on his head.
"It still needs to dry out though but I would say its quite
a transformation. So, tell me you're looking forward
to the opening night? "

"I'm a bit nervous I admit. This is all new to me, you know.
I have only known the stage and the studio.
Thanks for doing my hair in 'private'. "
"Yeah, sorry about the app I just had to make but
I just can't close my shop, right?
It would draw too much attention, see? "
"Oh yeah, sure! It means it works... I mean the transformation! "
"Yeah, I wonder how Carol is gonna react? Please do tell me! "

Casper only giggled at his reflection now.
He looked more like a 'Rock star' now playing in a Band with
'headache' Music lol. Well, he had to 'shake off' this DOOM that
only his reflection and name brought upon him and
he was eager to start anew.
He felt BLESSED to have the BEST fans in the world that
saved him from his early DOOM and
he would do anything to keep Carol HAPPY.

~ Copyright 2015 ~

Note of the author:

I do hope you enjoyed this story that kept me sweet for over 4 years
so its kinda 'tough' to let it go now.
I do hope Casper finds the 'great beyond' as they say and
can live his life without all this doom lurking around the corner.
See you guys, in the next story here
on #MJJCBlog and #FanFiction.

Take care, Daz.