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In the car for the day to and from Dublin listening to Pure McCartney.

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Had this song stuck in my head all day!

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Duran, how could I not remember this mans voice? Hahaha! I use to dance my butt off to this song.
You were right, he does sound a lot like Ruffin. :D

George Benson & Al Jarreau - Givin' It Up

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Love this song. Michael sounds so sweet....sincere. Miss him so much. :boohoo:
This song really shows off his vocal ability, even at this young age, so much. I think he was like 14 years old.

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Currently have this classic on pause...

Also I've been playing this. Great live duet between John Lennon and Elton John (0:35 is when the song begins)
Released Thursday April 13,2017

I just listened to the new TLC featuring Snoop Dogg summer jam called Way Back..
Has potential. I like it. But it doesn't knock me off my feet....which is cool too. :) I still like it and TLC....past and present.