What daydreams do you have about Michael?

omg y'all it is 5:00 am for me right now and i'm feeling kinda very gay and sappy as hell and also kinda sad but here goes nothing.

oh my god just... literally. imagine. laying on top of michael and wearing matching cozy pajamas with him and gently touching his chest and pressing your ear up to it and listening to his heartbeat, then touching his abs and stroking and kissing his ears and jaw and chin, and his skin is just so warm and it's soft and his hands are just so kissable and his fragrance just smells so good and his breathing is so SOFT GOD PLEASE HELP ME. his arms are wrapped around you with one hand holding your head and the other caressing your back, he is just so gentle yet so protective. you fall asleep and then wake up on his chest and you kiss him to wake up and his eyes with those gorgeous butterfly lashes flutter open. he rubs his eyes and yawns and OH GOD HE IS JUST SO CUTE WHEN SLEEPY and then he tells you "good morning~" in that adorable sleepy voice. his hair is all messed up but GAH IT'S SO CUTE you just want to mess it up even MORE, but at the same time you DREAM of brushing it and styling it, especially his irresistibly gorgeous and soft natural hair and feeling his edges and sideburns and the sides of his scalp. oh my god i would just simply DIE.

i know i am really mostly into girls but.. GOD DAMN IT michael is just so gorgeous and sweet i just can't hold back any of these feelings i have for him, i am literally so in love with him and dreaming of being with him makes me so happy, i could snuggle so close to him all day, all night. forever.

when i die, i want to be cremated and have my ashes spread as close as possible to him so as to join him in eternal rest. even now while i'm alive i feel so close to him and my daydreams feel so immersive and they are so vivid, i can actually feel him sometimes. i can feel him hugging me and kissing my forehead and tucking me in and telling me how things will get better. and it makes me blush so much and smile and sigh in pure joy. the love i feel for him is like no other. like a butterfly being flown by a dove flying high above a wildflower field with prancing deer in the distance, like the rays of the sun shining through the clouds after a rainstorm. it's pure magic. it's the purest love i've ever known.

oh my god i can't keep it secret anymore okay (also this gonna be hella long but... here goes nothing)

as of late (since yesterday) i keep having this recurring and INTENSE daydream of Michael entering a pond or river close to a waterfall with just a bathing suit or cloth on, getting ready to replenish and cleanse himself. very similar look to the angel version of You Are Not Alone. he's moving the water around with his hands so peacefully and scrubbing himself down with another cloth. and he's also singing to himself. he's covered in water and bubbles and singing so beautifully. specifically for me he's singing songs like Lovin' You by Minnie Riperton and Love is a Song (from "Bambi"), although sometimes he'll sing songs like Happy (from Music and Me) or You Are There (from Forever, Michael), or a song like Smile or The Lost Children or Speechless. either way, it's always a beautiful, slower song. or he's humming Waltz of the Flowers by Tchaikovsky. ANYWAYS

then he rinses himself off by motioning himself towards the waterfall and letting the rush of the water wash away not only all the suds and his makeup, but to wash away his stress. he moves his wet hair out of the way of his face. and then, my favorite part comes. he plugs his nose and sinks himself deep into the water, and then, just seconds later, he emerges from the water. slowly. he tilts his head back and lets all the water drip off the side of his face and his hair. he slicks his hair back some, then shakes himself dry. he comes out of the water and dries himself off with a towel, then slips into some soft, comfortable pajamas, and goes back home to relax, do his skincare, dry his hair more, rub some lotion on, and then asks me how my day was, we talk for a while, and then we fall asleep next to each other, his strong yet comforting scent permeating my nostrils and making me feel so safe and secure.

even if it's just a fantasy, thinking of michael and thinking of him next to me and especially thinking of him in situations where he looks after himself as well never fails to make me feel so good and happy. in the past few hours i've been feeling a LOT of stress and anxiety and feeling overcome with the urge to take my anger out on everything and everyone in irrational ways, but my daydreams help me calm down and breathe and think and act more rationally. with michael, i am in an intense state of tranquility. i am calm. i am at peace. and i can overcome my anger, my anxiety, my stress, every bad feeling in my body. and i come out feeling happy and feeling better. before michael, i never really had a way to control my emotions. being autistic certainly didn't help that either. i felt like i had a meltdown every day, even over small, arbitrary things. i would scream, cry, carry on, throw things around, even act violently. even though a lot of it wasn't even in my control, a lot of other kids didn't want to be friends with me because of the way i acted and made fun of me for being "the autistic kid." but after discovering michael, things really changed. very very rarely now do i have a real meltdown today. i could also put this in my "how did michael save your life" thread tbh but i'll do that another day. for now, i just want to daydream. 🤍🤍🤍

~ With love, DJ 🤍
hello everyone, again!

i haven't been feeling very well as of late. i had a very bad day at school today and there are just so many things going on. but i hope you guys are still going with your beautiful Michael daydreams 🤍 (after all, why wouldn't you?!)

anyways, i want to add another one of my specific daydreams here, as it actually helped me relieve some stress when i came home today. i've mentioned before that i age regress sometimes while daydreaming of Michael. if you're not familiar with age regression, it is when one adopts a childlike state of mind or engages in childlike activities as a way to cope or relieve stress. Michael did this in real life as well! as I'm sure y'all already know, lol. However, what exactly do I do with Michael to age regress?

well, age regression daydreams mainly consist of:
  • sitting in his lap/him cradling me/grabbing his finger like a baby (with a whole lot of hugs and kisses involved!! ❤️❤️)
  • draw/color with him
  • eating my comfort foods with him/him feeding me applesauce, yogurt, cereal, or fruit snacks, and similar foods
  • when going to bed, having him read me a bedtime story, tuck me in, kiss me goodnight, sing me a lullaby or a nursery rhyme 🤍 (one of my favorite songs I imagine him singing is "Return to Pooh Corner" by Kenny Loggins or something like "Speechless" or "The Lost Children" 🤍)
  • playing games with him (especially Monopoly lol. and i've still never won a game with him 💀 and hide and seek. and even playing peekaboo with him covering his face and surprising me close to my face. yes, i'll admit it. but it's SO FUN!!)
  • him giving me calm/quiet music to listen to after hearing a loud noise or if my senses are acting up (i'm autistic so this one helps SO MUCH)
  • rocking with him in the rocking chair with his hand on my head and stroking my hair gently 🥺
  • him asking me about my day at school, telling me not to pay attention to the mean kids, that we'll play if i do my homework, lol
as of now that's all i can think of, but i also want to let y'all know that age regressing is okay and a healthy way to cope and be happy, and you're not immature or weird for doing so. and neither was Michael! sadly many people still love calling him childish for his age regression, but what I find childish are grown adults poking fun at another grown adult who's not even hurting anybody.

hope you enjoyed, and keep daydreaming ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

~ With love, DJ

@DarylJoel_B, as I said, not comfortable sharing my daydreams publicly but I need to say one thing in regard to the picture above.
From the ankle to the hipbone.
I don't need to say anything more, do I?

@DarylJoel_B, as I said, not comfortable sharing my daydreams publicly but I need to say one thing in regard to the picture above.
From the ankle to the hipbone.
I don't need to say anything more, do I?

also don't, i'll lose my MIND 🥴🥴🥴🥴
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Monaco still happened. And he went there with Brett , Mac, Mac Daddy , Daddy Mac , and me . JC got cancelled because he was caught putting a rat down SOM dress.:cautious:
The chump went to a juvenile offenders group to sort out his issues. "Oh boy" M said "we gotta keep an eye on that one guys, I don't think he can be in our gang" .
Today the apple head gang iz travelling to Milton Keynes UK . Michael is seeing his best friend , (who happens to be the best lawyer in the world) today. He has to be prepared just in case anyone starts anything dumb late summer...
Michael only hangs about with the cool kids. Brett , Mac, Mac Daddy , Daddy Mac, and me. JC is cancelled. just you try it now Jordan.
Apple Head Gang Forever.

This is my truth. :ninja:
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This is my truth. :ninja:
Surprisingly, I almost understood everything. And I love this dream. The idea of taking JC out of MJ's life is a good one.

I don't get that: "SOM"

I dream of hearing Michael sing in a low voice live. And being in rehearsals for the tour and in the studio during the recording of Childhood.
I forgot another dream:

A long, long conversation with Michael at the Neverland Library. The fireplace must burn
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SOM - Stephanie of Monaco guys
JC put a rat down her dress ..19th may ...The pest!
Anyhoo. ... Apple Head Gang have an important concert to attend tonight. But this afternoon's meeting went really swell. That lawyer rocks., we are going to be prepared this time around because he gave us the tools we need -

*refers to my silly stories of old* :D
What is NSFW? Sorry guys/girls old fan but new to the fanclub...

Oh btw: I would have LOVED to dance with MJ
Today me and m are going to Toyurus to get some dolls. Brett says we don't really need them ,Oh, but i digress.. we do need dolls.
M says Can AppleHead Gang please stop squabbling we're giving him a headache and he has to meet Lisa later.
Got a poster of Golden Girl too since they are giving them away free with every purchase.
M gets DD on VHS .Pretty excited cos it's the last copy. Mac and Brett make fun of my poster.
I squeal. M is like laughing ,sayin' "Enough you guys or we'll have to go home ! "
Truth be told we are all much too excited for the upcoming tour.