Why do I keep thinking media will learn?


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Jul 25, 2011
United States
I just watched evenining news in the crazy hope that at some point someone will finally say something about hoe lame the defense of dr. Murray is but to my dismay they continue to subtley be in the back pocket of the defense. The continue to argue for the "drama", the theory that Michael swallowed 8 pills not found in his autopsy (something they neglected to mention) and bla bla bla. This is the same selective cut and paste snippet reporting they were using in Michael's trial. On top of that the same lawyers and pundits who say the jury must acquit because Murray's story sounds plausible. Why do I think they'll learn, better yet why don't they?
The media will never learn cuz they dont wanna learn! they are a bunch of ignorant fools
most of the news i have been watching (HLN) actually doesnt buy most of the defense theory
What do ppl expect from the media u know what huge ratings they can get if murray walks. all the intervirws they will run with murray where they will rip mj apart.have fans learnt nothing from 03-05. its quite easy to use the mute button on the t.v
all the media I have heard has said just the opposite of what you are stating. Even my local news is saying that the defense has scored huge points for the pros and that Murray is toast. Guess it depends on what talking heads we are watching as to what their opinion actually is. The ones that tell the opposite of what is really going on in that court room..want nothing more than ratings, THAT is another reason why i am glad this trial is being televised...the world can see for themselves what is REALLY taking place in the courtroom.
As long as there is money to be made, the media will continue to do what they are doing. Why lies are profitable more than the truth, I don't know. I guess because it's more outrageous and exciting. I haven't seen any media coverage since the trial started. I don't dare to turn on my TV, but from what I've read it seems more balanced than I expected. Yes, it would probably be different if the trial wasn't televised.