Your top 5 LEAST fave MJ solo songs (Motown excluded)

It baffles me how out of over 20 songs made with Bryan Loren, Superfly Sister was the only song of his that MJ used. I don't think highly of his songs but I can think of a few that are leagues better than Superfly Sister, like Serious Effect and Man In Black for example. He should've used either of those for BOTDF.
Superfly Sister is an odd song, the way it starts is great and you expect a banger but it soon turns into a bit of an average track and doesn't really go anywhere.
Yeah it is kinda like a riff, it just don't advance or evolve. The guitar solo is pretty raw and I like how it ends, but it could definitely be trimmed by about a couple minutes.
I used to listen to a warped version of Trouble that was higher speed for years so the slower tempo of the demo sounds so weird to me now lol.
I heard the original LQ long ago, when I came back to the rawer demo I was a bit confused lol. It's not the worst song ever, but man, does it not compare at all to what Mike was normally working with.

Now Nightline, that song has way more juice to it.
And there's nothing wrong with Monkey Business, okay? It's an interesting groove and he sings it in a charming way It's, just, so odd lyrically. It's like if MJ made a song channeling every 80s story about him into music. It's just, not cool. Like a Gap Band album track made by him. But for the Bad era, I suppose it fits well enough. Just not nearly as strong as your Smooth Criminal or even Chicago 1945.
I mean, this is too hard for me lol. I do think that Got The Hots is pretty disappointing, though. I don't hate it, I find it quite funky but it feels like it should go somewhere and it just doesn't. Disappointing.
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(Not in order.)
-Don't Walk Away
-On The Line
-The Lost Children
-Little Susie
All of these tracks kind of just, exist to me, they could be there, or they couldn't, and i wouldn't notice and if i did notice, i wouldn't mind.
I don't think i have listened to these 5 tracks even once in the past 3 years with the exception of Little Susie, which is the only track i respect out of these 5 lol
- Girlfriend
- Keep The Faith
- Smile
- One More Chance (The song would've been okay if MJ at least sung the BGVs)
- Abortion Papers
Like, Girlfriend.

A better comparison would be the Queen song about his cat. Delilah.

I remember an interview with Roger (IIRC) where he said he hated that song but Freddie wanted it on the record so much he couldn't say not to him, lol!
Speaking of Queen:

I'll actually go on a limb and crosspost Thriller 40: There Must Be More to Life Than This.

It's not ever been one I enjoy much. This was before the Queen Forever thing. It just isn't, there? Freddie sounds great but yet, it isn't as powerful. As it should be. Even the last song he sang, Mother Love, is so much powerful, and he didn't even finish this one just feels lacking.

And MJ certainly isn't feeling it. He's too smooth. Needs that Bad era grit.

Just lacking a lot. Anyway, @filmandmusic remove the 5. We refuse to be limited by an arbitrary number. We hate Michael Jackson. As much as possible.
The Lost Children
Little Susie
It’s the Falling In Love