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Also, I have found the multitrack sheets of some of the songs from the Bad album on which Bruce Swedien has written dates of when particular instruments (including vocals and Background vocals) have been recorded.(Sorry for posting two posts in a row).

Liberian Girl:

Lead vocal: September 26th 1986
Background vocals: October 3rd 1986
Bass:May 8th 1987

Dirty Diana:
Lead vocals:June 27th 1987
Steve Stevens guitar solos: June 12th 1987
Strings:June 27th 1987

I Just Can't Stop Loving You:
Lead Vocals(MJ&Siedah):May 20th 1987
Background vocals: December 27th 1986
Rap Intro:June 8th 1987
Piano: December 26th 1986

Smooth Criminal:
Lead vocals:April 1st 1987
Background vocals:September 14th 1986
Bass:September 8th 1986
Emergency siren:June 1st 1987

Leave Me Alone:
Lead vocals:June 14th 1987
Guitar: June 3rd 1987
Synth: June 3rd 1987

Just Good Friends:

Lead vocals (MJ&Stevie): June (or May) 18th 1987
Background vocals:June (or May) 18th 1987
Piano:May 28th 1987
Horns:May 18th 1987
Synths:May 27th 1987

The Bad sessions at Westlake Studios started on August 4th 1986 (Source:Rolling Stone).
Thank you for sharing. I've always been interested to know when songs were recorded. I'm so jealous of Beatles fans who can tell you the date, the exact time and how many sugars Ringo had in his tea. Yet we're here like, I think Mike recorded it between 1983 and 87