Certain planned, staged things that took place while he was performing on stage did not add value to his performance.

I am referring to any type of performance (tours, award performances, one-time performances, etc).

For example:

The staged, bug incident (that took place in many HIStory concerts, and not just in one) where Michael Jackson had to call one of his bodyguards in order to supposedly take it away but without killing it.

Slash’s refusal to leave the stage but instead to keep playing his guitar until the ‘Billie Jean’ performance begins.

Michael Jackson and his back up dancers jumping up and down and doing random meaningless moves for nearly two and a half minutes at the end of ‘Beat It’ (especially, during the HIStory Tour).

His messianic way of performing ‘Earth Song’ in some cases where he was acting like Jesus (such as, at the Brit Awards in 1996).

Singing (lip-syncing) his first lines from ‘You Are Not Alone’ almost always from backstage (HIStory Tour).

Asking the audience if he can come down there during ‘She's Out Of My Life', when in fact he almost never came down there, but instead a female fan had to step onto the stage.

Falling down on his knees (during ‘Man In The Mirror’), and one of the back up singers having to approach him and help him to stand up again (like, at the 1988 Grammy Awards Performance).

Being dressed in that astronaut suit and being prepared for supposedly flying off the stage on a jetpack towards the end of 'Man In The Mirror' (Dangerous Tour).