Agua de Beber...Michael Jackson?


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Jul 25, 2011
Well I am a huge fan of Will.I.Am so I decided to give a listen to his newest work, "Encanto" by Sergio Mendes. Will.I.Am contributes to a couple songs on here (I like them all by the way) and when I listen to the main chorus of the song "Agua de Beber", I can't help but think I am hearing Michael Jackson singing the chorus. I could and probably am completely off, but as soon as I heard the song I thought right away how much it sounded like Michael singing the chorus. Interesting because of the Will.I.Am and MJ connection going on right now...Anyways, if anyone gets a chance to listen to this song, let me know what you think.
Here's the song:

I'll have a listen and tell you what i think. :yes:

EDIT: It does sound a bit Michael-ish. Does anyone have the album and album cover? I can't find the full album personnel on the internet- maybe there's someone else credited on that chorus...
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Easily solved.

Find the credits for the song itself. Although.. if he's uncredited then I guess it'll be a bit harder to work out.
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Hey, right. It does sound a bit like Michael..I guess it`s his voice.
The "doo doo doooooo" part is definately not Michael. But the "Aqua de beber" part I am not sure of.

Kinda hilarious when you think about it.......because if it's Michael, he's singing "Water to drink.....water to drink" LOL

Edit: I don't think it's Michael. It's hard to hear though.....because of the way it is sung.
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got the album a week ago and Michael isn't credited on there.

even so, i'm quite sure it's not him - the singer is Mendes' long-time vocalist and wife Gracinha Leporace with a distinguishable voice. still, the album is close to perfection,,, love it, and would have loved a Mike collab but it wasn't to be..
Wow sounds like Michael indeed... shame it's not him:)
But.. Michael or not.. GREAT SONG! Thanks!:D
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