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Oct 8, 2004
"Dare me"
Written by Daz, Inspired by MJ
Exclusively for ClubMJJC


~ Synopsis ~

Her name is Suzie
She got my number
She knows my game
look who took me under.

:punk:Disclaimer: :punk:
This is an 18+ story.
Please be advised of adult content.
My aim is NOT to diminish Michael into a 'sex object' LOL
I have too much 'respect' for this man.
However, this is just an 'Adult' but still 'decent' Fanfic.
Above all, I hope you enjoy this adventure.

~ Copyright 2015 ~

Coming soon to a screen near you... :D


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Apr 24, 2011
Ooooh la la! Maybe you'll inspire me to post one of my own naughty stories. :blush:


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Oct 8, 2004
~ Chapter ONE ~


She touched Michael, wrapped her arms around his neck,
whispered "I want you" in his ear.
It made the hairs on his neck rise but considered
the people still moving in and out of the set,
he had to shrug her off and with a jerk he faced her.
"The cams are off, Hun. I'll see you tomoz."
She glanced at him with this 'dare me' look in her eyes that
Michael had to blink twice to break up her spelll.

As she leaned into him to whisper her desire again,
all he could do was shudder.
Okay, he did manage to peek at her boobies though.
No, he didn't mean too but they were so in view,
He would have been blind not to spot them.
They made him lick his lips somehow.
"You know, you want me"
"Do I? " He whispered as
her beautiful view made him swallow.

She was wearing a crimson red dress with frills that
pretty accentuated her boobs.
Well, Michael looked HOT himself tonite as
it was just another shooting day of BOTD.
You know, red leather, red shiny shirt and ditto jacket.
His hair beautifully knotted in a braid that was now
all messed up and kinda wet from dancing his butt off all day.

Before Michael knew it, he was trapped in her web of sin.
Did he make a move on her?
The dance was staged, rehearsed and why
was she 'turning him on' now?
He felt HOT and bothered.

"Suz, you ready to go? "
"Yeash, dear" She cried in her highpitched voice.
She skipped away from him only leaving Michael with
a butterfly kiss and a wink or
was it a whisper of love...

~ Copyright 2015 ~

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Oct 8, 2004
Who's ready for Chapter 2 LOL :blush:

Chapter 3 is added now too. Enjoy!

"Her name is Suzie"
Written by Daz, Inspired by MJ
Exclusively for MJJCommunity

Beware: Rated: 18+

~ Chapter Two ~


Okay, Michael was back on the set of BOTD.
Somehow, he felt different around her.
What should he do now? Act cool?
Forget the whole thing or just give into his burning desire?
He admit that Sue was on his mind for the remainder of the night.
He tried to tell his mind he was married,
he was a gentleman but then why
did she invade his dreams.
What puzzled him even more now was...
She didn't even look at him.
Did he feel she was avoiding him now?
Or was it all his imagination running wild?
He had to get a grip, hey?

So, at the back of his mind, the question or
even the desire to make her mine burned.
Secretly, he wished she would come up to him and
turn him on again.
There was no way, he would make the first go.
He is a gentleman for gee's sake, okay!

It looked like a long tiring day that seemed to drag on and on.
When the director satisfied of the gained footage yelled 'cut',
all Michael did was look her way.
Just a glance would not harm anyone, right?
He felt those butterflies come alive in his stomach as
she neared him and he tried to swallow his desire for now.

Well, she must have felt it as she whispered
something naughty in his ear that made him blush all over.
"Meet me there in 5, honey"
He didn't pull away in shame though.
It made her smile even though Michael didn't answer her.
He glanced in his hand and there it was...
The key to quench his desire.
His mind fretted it was just a bloody key and
he should really get a grip.
His heart made him sigh.
What would you do? Give the key back?
Ignore her request or just give into your burning desire?

Okay, there he was at Yates Motel room 59.
Hell yeah, curiousity killed the cat you know!
He had insisted to drive home by himself
stating he need to cool off or whatever.
So, squinty he looked around and hoped
he wouldn't get busted somehow but
man has desires right?
Ones that can't be burned or ignored.

Daring, he unlocked the door and
the next minute he found himself in a room.
Just with a double bed, 2 nightstands and
a table and some chairs.
He heard someone in the ajointed bathroom.
Now was the point of return as he glanced at the key and
at the bed and back at the key he flipped in his left hand.

He was about to turn his back and
head home to another lonely sleepless night.
Then, he heard her voice, highpitched however
made him look up so vulnerable as
he still pondered over what to do.
Point of no return, remember?

"Awww, you made it, sweetie"
"Yeah" Michael swallowed his desire again.
as he noticed she was just wearing a white sparkling bathrobe.
It made him sigh.
Was there still time to get away?
Well, he came that far,
it would be silly to just trot off now, right?

~ Copyright 2015 ~

"She got my number"
Written by Daz, Inspired by MJ
Exclusively for MJJCommunity

:busted: Beware: Rated: 18+ :busted:

~ Chapter Three ~


"What 'you wanna do first? "
"HUH" Michael reacted feeling busted why
he was still standing there flipping that key in his left hand.
"You can keep the key, if you want, Hun"
"Okay" he only replied and
slipped it in the pocket of his jacket.

"Hey" she called out to him as
she lifted his chin up with a soft finger of hers.
"I'm not gonna hurt you" she stated as
she glanced into his innocent eyes.
"You're not trapped now... Not yet anyway! "
She chuckled.
"So now, is your chance to walk away.
No pun intended, no bridges burned but
if you want to make sweet love, stay! "
Michael only blushed at first.
She realized she had to make the first move to
exactly turn him on, Men hey!

She slipped off his jacket and noticed how tensed he was.
He probably didn't do that each day or even each week.
Marriage alienates you in that way, she knew that!
So, she needed to 'kneed' him a little before he would loosen up.
She massaged his shoulder muscles and
he only let out a deep sigh.

"awwww, why so tensed Hun? "
He didn't answer in words but more in sighs of relief as
she gently pushed him on the bed and as he sat down,
she first removed his loafers and white socks and
he let her as he was suddenly tired.
Had she found the 'off' switch somehow?
She sat there squatted in front of him.
He had a beautiful inside view in her bathrobe which
made him all tingly.

She quickly massaged his feet and then moved up,
unbuttoning his red shirt and slipping it off.
He felt like a ragdoll really.
Did she really have that much power to
take away his will to say 'no' or was
he now really trapped in her web of sin.
He admit he loved her touch though.
So gentle, so dignified.

In his dream last night,
she litterally ripped his clothes off to
quench her desire but this was nice indeed.
Next thing to come off was his V neck T-shirt and
there he helped her.
As she touched his bare skin and kissed his niples,
electricity shot through him and she quit.

For a mere few seconds, she was stuck there like
a computerscreen that froze but
Michael tugged on her bathrobe and it came undone.
He licked his lips as he glared at her beautiful shaped body.
That was sure a nice treat after a long working day.

Soon, not soon enough... Just on time exactly.
She zipped down his pants and
with one hard tug slipped them off.
His grey undies came undone too and he was ready for sure.
It made her pull back at first.
The point of no return remember?
Then, what he did...
She couldn't wait to taste and feel.

He pulled her near, passionately kissing her.
Her bathrobe slipped to the ground.
One more touch and go and
they made sweet love till the break of dawn.

~ Copyright 2015 ~

Chapter 4: Coming soon!

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Oct 8, 2004
Written by Daz, Inspired by MJ
Exclusively for MJJCommunity

~ Chapter Four ~


Sue woke up and for a mere second had to ponder where she was.
The room looked familiar though and then it hit her.
Upon that realization, a huge smile grew on her face and
she looked beside her. There should be a fellow next to her now.
It shocked her really that it was not your average Joe now.
It was freaking Michael Jackson laying there.
It made her smile though as he laid there so beautifully asleep.
His black hair all messy and wet.
She had to contain herself not to touch him cause
he felt different. Had she finally found someone to love now?
She usually didn't feel that 'afterglow' so strong though.
Now, she still felt on Cloud 9 and then it hit her again.
So, her brain searched for a clock.
There was one just staring at her from across the room.
Another jolt fizzled through her body.
it screamed 1 AM and they need to be on the set by 3.
She looked at the sleeping beauty again.
Would she have to wake him up?
Explain this all?
It seemed such a shame to wake him cause
she heard he had trouble sleeping.
Well, I guess... She cured that problem right?
He did stir and turn to his right but with a groan or two,
he cuddled himself in the sheet and remained in Bliss.

Well, she had to get up and get ready right?
She would even pop by the 7/11 store just across the street.
Breakfast remember?
She could always wake him at 2, okay!
So, she silently slipped out of bed.
One more glance at the sleeping beauty and
she was off to shower and start her new day.

~ Copyright 2015 ~

Next: Chapter 5
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Oct 8, 2004
"Room 59"
Written by Daz, Inspired by MJ
Exclusively for MJJCommunity

~ Chapter Five ~


She got back with some bagels and donuts.
Sipping from her coffee, she slipped back into room 59.
She hoped that he would have woken up already.
It was almost two by now but one glance at the bed and
all her courage sank to the bottom of the ocean really.
He was still so sound asleep.
Now she had to wake him, did she?
Had she really worn him out like this?
Poor thing, hey!

Then, there was this knock on the door.
It made him stir.
Would they be busted now?
"Hold on" she yelled to the door as a
frizzle of electricity shot through her.

The first thing, Michael saw when he woke up was
her standing there in her red dress with fringes.
She only motioned him to be quiet as
she laid her soft finger on her red lips.
Michael didn't move an inch and didn't flinge too.
Afraid, he would be busted now.

The knock was heard again.
"Sue? Are you ready or have you overslept, girl? "
They heard a voice say. She recognized him as Alex.
"Oh *bleep* I have... "
She made a stumbling noise that should
somehow look like she was 'sleep drunk'.
Michael muffled a little giggle and she glanced so
stern at him that he straightened himself up.
She only pointed to the bathroom door and
he obeyed her.

Once he was savely hidden from view,
she opened the door.
"Hello Alex..."
"Hi, you realize how late we are? "
"Yeash, I'm really sowwy" she answered still
with the door on the latch.
"Are you okay, Sue? " He wondered why she wouldn't let him in.
"Yeash, overslept that's all." She tried to say confident
only to realize she had to 'abandon' the STAR now.
Good job, Sue!
"Give me just a minute to grab my purse and we're off then."
"Okay" he only shrugged and she closed the door again.

She walked into the bathroom and
he had already taken a shower.
Michael was standing there just with a towel wrapped around
his waist trying to dry his hair.
He looked so appealing that she wanted him again but
they had fun enough last night, right?

"I need to go really. Alex is waiting just outside.
Will you be okay? I did bring you breakfast.
It's on the table, Michael."
"Okay" he only answered taming his wet long hair.
Reluctantly, she walked out of the bathroom.

"Wait, Suzzzz" he cried and rushed into the room.
"What? " She asked almost innocently holding onto her purse now.
"Well, thanks... Thanks for yesterday!" Michael spoke
trying to locate his clothes scattered on the floor.

The impatient knock was heard again.
"Sue! Please, we'll be late! Don't keep Mr. Jackson waiting, okay!"
"Yeash, Sue. Don't let Mr. Jackson wait. Go on, girl! "
Michael put on a fake voice.
It almost cracked her up but Alex was really getting impatient now.
Knocking and fiddling on that door.
It would have been a nice shot to see him there standing with
nothing else on than just a towel that was about to slip off.

Suzie swiftly kissed him on his mouth and
whispered 'thank you'.
Michael only smiled at her holding his towel in place now.
"Call me" she cried for Alex to hear.
Then, she whispered :
' Please, wait here for 20 minutes and then be carefull'
He only nodded, eager to get dressed.
He couldn't let Mr. Jackson wait too, hey!
One last glance and she was out of the door just
noticing how he was picking up his clothes from the floor.
What a night, hey!

"There you are" He snapped at her pointing at his watch.
"What have you been doing? We're on a job again!
Who's the fellower this time? Gee, Sue...
You have to quit this game, you know"
"Who are you? " She yelled back offended.
"My bleeping dad? Let's roll, okay! "
She couldn't help but look at the door again.
Why she had to let him go like this?
Couldn't she just have said to him, that
the fellow would bring her?
Darn really!

Okay, they were late... So, was Mr. Jackson.
The producer walked up to her and boldly asked her if
she had seen him.
Another white lie, hey!
She put on her pokerface and claimed she hadn't.
She only hoped it was the right thing to do,
to leave him there all alone in a Motel room.

Preparations were done and all the dancers and
co-workers were like 'on hold' until the star would doom up.

Eventually, an hour later...
He entered the set. His hair still looked damp and
a mess but he had people to take care of it, right?
Suzie just felt relieved he made it to the set in one piece.
Phew, saved!

~ Copyright 2015 ~

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Oct 8, 2004
"Just one night"

Written by Daz, Inspired by MJ
Exclusively for MJJCommunity

~ Chapter Six ~


Michael briefly acknowlegded her while
he got out of the make up chair. His hair was now
neatly put in a braid again.
She only nodded 'hi' and then looked away as
if to not let her 'drown' in his eyes or
even his scent which turned her on.
"Okay, everyone take your spot."

There was no time to ponder now as
everyone obeyed the director and
she had too. Otherwise, she would loose him for sure.

Yeash, now dancing around him felt different and
more intense and she hoped her sparkle would not give her away.
Then again, she saw that 'sparkle' in every
woman dancing around him, right?

She just had to concentrate and
make sure Michael would be pleased.
So far, so good...

The break was announced and everyone dropped to their chair or
seat quencing their thirst. She, however, felt another
form of thirst. She could not just walk up to him, right?
What they had last night should really be a secret, hey?
What a secret to keep! What if it was only ONE night?
Could she live like that? Even stay like this?
Act like nothing had happened?
Well, a lot did happen... A lot, I tell you!

Break was over and it was back to acting.
It felt like a sweet torture to dance around him but not
touch him nor make sweet love to him.
She had to promise her heart, she would have him all night if...
Only if she acted cool now and she did...
Suzie gave it her all. She danced like he owned her.
She noticed he liked it and Michael got even more in character too.
Yeah, she got my mumber...
She knows my game...
Look who took you under...

The shooting day was over before she realized it.
Exhausted, she stumbled to the dressing room and
once she sat down for a minute, that desire flickered on
like a light switch. It was now or never, LOL.
She gathered all her courage and headed for his dressing room.
It seemed rather dark and quiet though.

She bumped into the producer.
He felt like what she was gonna ask and
only spoke the words that shattered her heart in thousand pieces.
"MJ is gone home already. He looked exhausted."

He noticed her defeated glance and then added:
"Girl, you were on fire today. Good job!"
He lifted up his thumb.
"Can you do that tomorrow again? "
She admit, she was taken off guard by this and
only nodded at him.
Defeated, she slouched back to her dressing room.
Everyone had gone for the day though.
Only her reflection in the mirror lighted by bulbs stared at her.
Too good to be true, hey!

~ Copyright 2015 ~

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Oct 8, 2004
"Now or never"
Written by Daz, Inspired by MJ
Exclusively for MJJCommunity

~ Chapter Seven ~


After a restless night, Suzie was back on the scene.
It was make or break or now or never.
Yeash, she could make a move on him and
if she would be busted, she could always claim it's part of the act.

She saw Michael there in the distance just arriving.
He looked HOT as usual and well rested.
She gathered all her courage to head up to him.
"Good morning Michael"
she called out to him in her highpitched voice.
OMG, that glance when he turned to see who called out to him
made her all butterfly'ish - if that is even a word-
He wore that naughty smile though as
he said 'hello' to her.

Would he make a move on her now or
even whisper stuff in her ear only meant for her.
Well, he was about to do it though but that
annoying make up bird got between them again.
She was striking up a convo and Suzie noticed the look in his eyes.
She could only smile at him and then it was time to get into the act, hey!

Did Suzie come on to him?
Hell yeah, she did. It felt electrifying to touch him like this.
Suzie felt his desire too but then again,
Michael was focused on the camera as he should be.
Gving it his all but the way he stroke her arm like this
made it alright. That night must have meant something to him or
was he just playing in front of the camera?

They made Magic for sure there as you can see if you watch
BOTD but then again... Was it all just wishful thinking as
when the cameras were off, Michael just disappeared from sight.
He could be playing it cool too. He's a gentleman for sure.
He just made her feel things she never felt for anyone really!
So, parden her for acting like a headless chicken here.

Anyway, Suzie was kinda torn to how Michael 'acted' around her.
Was he just nice? Acting out the lyrics of the song or
was he really 'flirting' with her playing hard to get?
Yeash, that is a turn on too when guys do that.
It's like reverse psychology. It makes you even want him more.
Darn you, Michael!

~ Copyright 2015 ~

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Oct 8, 2004
"She knows my game"
Written by Daz, Inspired by MJ
Exclusively for MJJCommunity

~ Chapter Eight ~


"Wait, Michael" She called out as he was fretting in his chair.
Yeash, she had insisted to rub off his make up for the shoot.
The gentleman or should it be 'the idiot' agreed.
"It's okay now" Michael kind but strict called out to her.
She was still fussing over his hair as
he saw her there walking by.
That was his cue to escape, hey!

"Hey, can I join you? " He grabbed her arm and
walked with her. Suzie only acted her part like
they were still on cam.
"Where to dear? "
"Anywhere but here" He only called out.
"Your car or mine? "
They had reached the exit and the parking lot was luring there.

Suddenly, Michael stopped dead in his tracks.
Was he making up his mind now?
Can he do it a little quicker before peeps spot us together?
He glanced at her as she had let go of him and
kept a save distance.

"Okay, Suz. See you tomoz"
Terror filled her eyes. What did she do wrong now?
Had she turned him off or was this 'romance' all in her head now?
Michael of course noticed her glare.
"What? " He whispered like evil was just luring around the corner.

Then, her chance was blown when other peeps showed up
leaving for home too after a hard day's work.
Defeated and hurt, Suzie looked up to him and only said:
"Okay, see you tomorrow, Michael"

He first scanned the area and then whispered in her ear.
It made her blush really and was his hand on her arm again just
like in the shoot. She felt his warmth tingling through her body.
Did he just say it or had she imagined it?

Nah, that is a sick game really. She needed to quit it for sure as
he deserved better than just this lame game.
What game, you say?
Well, whenever she wanted some TLC or was it just
the raw S.E.X, she would lure men with that
'code 59' stuff that believe it or not happened in Room 59.
Was he just another 'play thing'?
Nah, he was too gentleman to be treated like this.
These tribulations inside her mind were probably
annoying him as he yelled:
"Well, don't you want it now? "

Busted, she grabbed his arm and dragged him out of the studio.
"Secret, remember? "She scolded him.
"Well, it's your game" Michael only shrugged.
"If you don't want to play just let me go then."
"Whatever" she cried as she wriggled out of his grip and
left him there stranded.

With each step, she hungered for his touch.
Could she look back?
Nah, she blew it really! Could she face him tomorrow?
She reached her car and almost broke out in tears.
Some were already escaping the inferno as she wiped them away.

"Suz? You okay? "
She knew that voice in an instant.
Her prayers were answered, right?
She only nodded 'no' as she fiddled with her key.
It somehow misbehaved a little.

"I'm sorry" he continued.
He didn't dare to touch her now.
"I should say...."
Suzie turned around and teary eyed looked up to him.
"It's my fault... I came on to you... You deserve better."
She hung her head down.

Then in this moment, Michael knew he could make it okay again.
He lifted up her chin with a soft long finger of his and
his almond eyes melted her heart.
It dried her tears too as it made her smile.
"Code 59? " She whispered.
"Nah, Dare me" he answered.
"Oh, is it a nice game? "
He nodded with a naughty grin and took her hand.
He let her to his car.
"Let me take you there, Suz."
She only smiled as she took the passenger seat and
he fired up the Ford.

~ Copyright 2015~
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Oct 8, 2004
"Knocked out"
Written by Daz, Inspired by MJ
Exclusively for MJJCommunity

~ Chapter Nine ~


It had been really the ride of her life though.
Man, was he a killer driver or what?
Shaken but not stirred, they did arrive at the Motel in one piece.
They got in without any fuss as
the room was located at the far end of the Motel.
Probably the last room I suppose.

Suzie excused herself as she needed to use the little girls room.
Michael only plunged on the bed.
He was awfully quiet there really.
Then again, who talks when he's alone in a room hey!
"Michael?" She called out as she returned and
it really melted her heart though.
He was sound asleep laying on his right side.
The only thing left to do was,
throw a comforter on him and get some sleep too.
Well, there goes that Blissful night, right?

Anyway, it made her smile though as
he must feel save with her to just doze off like that.
So, she slipped into her nighty and crawled next to him.
He stirred a little but thankfully didn't wake.
There she lay, bathing in his radiant aura.
She could watch him all night seeing how peaceful he laid there.
It felt strange to just lay next to him but
his peaceful wave hit her and she drifted off too.

~ Copyright 2015 ~



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Oct 8, 2004

" I will miss you "
Written by Daz, Inspired by MJ
Exclusively for MJJCommunity
~ Chapter Ten ~


Suzie woke up to another day. It felt different or
did she feel different now.
She looked beside her and there he lay asleep.
He was so beautiful. Even more gorgeous now.
Today, was the last shooting day.
Would she ever see him again?
She will always remember this though.
She got up and got ready for the day.

As she returned the beauty in her bed was still sound asleep.
It made her sigh in Bliss cause okay,
they didn't make love last night but at least
he was sleeping like a rose now.

She once again decided to write him a note that
she was out to get breakfast.
She pinned the note on her pillow and he stirred.
Those beautiful almond eyes glanced at her.
She could only smile.
If he would be any John Doe, she would have been all over him.
NOT Michael though.
Somehow, he had made her in a decent lady, lol.
It was not what Alex had said.
Michael deserved much more than just
those 'silly games' she used to play.

"Morning Hun" she called out.
"I was just about to pop out for breakfast"
He rubbed into his left eye and with his brain still in 'slumber',
he only nodded and a deep yawn escaped his mouth.

"I won't long, okay! Anything special you want? "
She saw he was only waking up now realizing where
he spent the night again.
It looked funny how he was checking his clothes and
scanning the room and once again,
any John Doe would have been laughed at but
he's MJ. You act nice around him, right?
She didn't wait for his answer though as
the sooner she went out, the sooner she would be back.

As she came back, she heard he was showering.
Something in her made her stay out of the bathroom.
Strange really!
Any John Doe would have gotten the FULL head on but
you know Michael is different. He made her feel like a real lady and
not just some tart out to get her 'fix' for the day.
She pondered over how she was gonna ask him to stay in touch.
The 'John Doe' act was not sufficient enough and
lacked all respect for him, right?

So, she plunged down on the chair near the table and
began to gobble up the bought doughnuts swallowing it down with
the milkshake stuff she used to drink.

"Morning Sue" she suddenly heard him and
was taken back by his swiftly kiss on her cheek.
"Heyyyy..." she uttered swallowing the last of a doughnut.
"They look yummy" He peeked at one.
"Oh yeah, is it alright? "
He only nodded 'yeash'.
"Take one" she insisted. "I bought juice as I don't know what
you drink in the morning. "
"Almond milk" he only replied after he swallowed a big chunk of
a doughnut covered in sugar.
"Okay" she only answered as she drank from her milkshake.
Silence fell as they were both enjoying breakfast.

"Is it true that today is the last shooting day? "
"Is it? " He reacted and frowned his forehead.
"I'll miss you" she babbled.
"Me too" He blushed. "We'll always have this, hey? "
"This? " She wondered.
"Code 59? "
It sounded so wrong now that it made her shudder.

"What? "
"This is a Motel room, sweet. I only paid till today."
"Oh, I see. When do we have to leave? "
Michael glanced at the clock that announced it was merely 10ish.
"Well, then we have time, right? "
"For what? " She tried to act innocent around him.
"I don't know" he shrugged as he drank from his juice.
"Talk or whatever you wanna do? "
"I see" she smiled.

"Sue, you have changed, Hun? " Michael pondered
shaking his head from left to right.
"Me? " She held her hand to her breast.
He glanced at her.
"Well, it's you! What have you done to me? "
"ME? " He cried as if he had done something wrong now.
"Did I hurt you? I'm sorry, I fell asleep last night. "
"Nah, don't worry. I'm glad you at least had
a few decent nights of sleep."
It made him think.

"Hmmmm, indeed... Thanks, Hun. Yeash, I'll miss you. I... just..."
He hesitated. Was it gentleman like to ask her phonenumber?
"You wanna stay in touch? "
He violently shook his head meaning 'yeash'.
She got up and passionately kissed him.
Well, it felt right now.
He answered her kiss and soon, they were making sweet love.

~ Copyright 2015 ~



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I know, I didn't go FULL OUT here. I wanted it to be still RESPECTFUL towards Michael and it still leaves something to your own 'imagination', hey! :blush:

Take care, Daz.