La Toya Jackson Reveals Mind-Blowing Michael Jackson Pact + Announces Engagement With Huge Ring

They never looked like a couple so it was odd they announced they got "engaged"...
Even Stevie Wonder could see that engagement was just all for show.
They needed a theme for the reality-show.
I guess this is really naive of me, and I guess it was all for the reality show. But I've seen Jeffre with La Toya for so many years (late 90's?) that I just assumed they were romantically together-and I was glad they were getting married.

I thought the part of them just being "friends" was put on for the show-so they could lead up to the wedding part. So I was definitely fooled. I am actually sorry-I'd like to see her get married to a nice guy.
If she's happy, that's lovely. Some of you are harsh...kind of understandable but still, lol.
I'm almost positive both Michael an Debbie said Paris was so named because that's where she was conceived.
Both LaToya and Jeffre attended Prince Jackson's high school graduation the other day.