POP CRUSH: ‘Billie Jean’ vs. Britney Spears, ‘Baby One More Time’ [Britney wins]

Michael's percentage going down again Michael Jackson, 'Billie Jean' 51.08%

MJ is only in the lead with ½ percent! - Can't believe Britney Spears is almost beating MJ!!!
well I keep voting for our mj. looks like Britney fans are as dedicated as we mj fans are. they're definitely giving us a run for our money.
VOTED For Michael Jackson!! Keep Voting #MJFAM :clapping: Let's Do This! :punk:

Vote For MJ on your Laptops, Androids & iphones - Yours, families & friends!

My Results:

Thanks for voting! This poll will close on April 11 at 12PM ET. You can vote once per hour until then!

Michael Jackson, 'Billie Jean' 50.68%

Britney Spears, 'Baby One More Time' 49.32%


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C'mon fans, it's going down constantly since yesterday. At this rate Britney will soon overtake!
Hi All,

After many, many years of following this site this is my first post! I have done this to ask all MJ fans to vote. I cannot bear to think that Billie Jean will not win this. If you have already voted please vote again. L.O.V.E to all