POP CRUSH: ‘Billie Jean’ vs. Britney Spears, ‘Baby One More Time’ [Britney wins]

I'm really saddened by this result. I know it's only one poll and it means nothing in the great scheme of things but this result is just plain wrong.
We don't need a stupid poll to state which song has a true artistic and historic value but it was such a shame Billie Jean lost over a horrible and shallow track! SMH :no:
ok, in fact, i thought putting MICHAEL JACKSON and britney spears at the same level was really stupid.. so its the same to me... pop crush is full of untalented people, sorry just stating my feelings :)
It's a fact that MJ should win in all these polls. He has the best fans ever. He knew this and loved us for it. We should repay him by entering every poll and voting. And I never used to think like that until today's fiasco when such a massive injustice happened. I am sorry I never showed such loyal support before but I will never fail to be 100% MJ again.
poll proves nothing especially since each fan can vote >100x.
if we want to compete, we should compete over album sales, that would mean something.
Surprise surprise, I didn't die even though Britney won the poll:D

It just shows Britney's fans were more dedicated and I'm sure MJ would have won hands down if we haven't got distracted by great news of new album:cheeky:

Never mind, there is going to be another polls and we'll make sure MJ wins them.
hm.. interesting. first the voting ends on april 11, then something happened, britney got unusually a lot of votes, and then they changed the ending date, a few hours before ending.
that is cheating. 100%