POP CRUSH: ‘Billie Jean’ vs. Britney Spears, ‘Baby One More Time’ [Britney wins]

Who has Twitter? I see the link being shared on Facebook by a few people, but what about Twitter? Can we get the word out that way?
But wait, the poll closes today, I thought we had until the 11th of April!!!
Britney is on top!!! We need to keep voting to bring MJ back on the first place!!
Will we have time?? :(
What the heck is going on??? How can Michael lose and where is everyone? I'll keep voting but it doesn't look good right now...every hour I re-vote...his numbers are further down. :no:
As of right now:

Michael Jackson, 'Billie Jean' 49.16%

Britney Spears, 'Baby One More Time' 50.84%
VOTED FOR MICHAEL and I tweeted it for the 3rd time via @MJJCLegacyTeam Twitter
I guess MJ fans got distracted by the new album. LOL. Anyway, any poll that has Britney Spears winning over MJ, and Baby One More Time over Billie Jean is laughable.
Michael Jackson, 'Billie Jean' 48.92%
Britney Spears, 'Baby One More Time' 51.08%


Please spare a minute of your time and vote for MJ
MJ is now far behind!!

MJ is loosing !!
Please keep voting every hour. We can still do this for Michael
How can we get the link to Michael's official facebook? They posted the link for the previous poll (MJ vs Madonna) but not this one.
Shoot, MJ is still going down:-(

Thanks for voting! This poll will close on April 1 at 12PM ET. You can vote once per hour until then!
Michael Jackson, 'Billie Jean' 48.78%

Britney Spears, 'Baby One More Time' 51.22%


BOMT is definitely NOT the greatest song of modern era. I think I'm going to drown my sorrow to cup of tea :scratch:
Seems like everyone is distracted with the release of the new album
Ugh. There's only two hours left and she's in the lead. Voooooote!
I dont really like this poll site anyway .. they are a nobody site just starting out, but fans are getting bored with it - because they don't update their tallies. we should wait for the more popular sites to vote on. This one just goes on and on .. with their never ending rounds - I'm not promoting it any more. Its not fun and fans are losing interest