This Is It rehearsal pictures

Michael would have looked great in all of these outfits, but I'd have given anything to see him in this suit. It's just stunning!
Here is a pic
Was MJ wearing the same shoes that he wears in shows, in TII rehearsals? 'cause sometimes it seems that it's hard for him to do the side-walk and to slide, does anyone know?
After seeing all these pictures it makes it even more clear that this is such a disgrace how everything abruptly ended.
How do I put pictures on here. This forum is differant and it doesnt give me a option to get the pictures from my computer. It just asks the URL to the picture. I dont have one. So confused if someone can help me would be greatly appreciated
Man, getting those curls back did so much for him... And I'm a straight guy, lol.

Yeah, I've always thought Michael looked better with curls than his usual hairstyle since 1999 till 2009.
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