What are you doing this very second?

I'm thinking about how I should be sleeping, how it is cold besides I'm using three blankets (yes, it's winter here lol), but I can't stop using this forum!! Ohh, and I'm writing this post while I think if sth would like to talk with me regarding how is difficult to be a "2009-now" fan by not seeing him or haveing the ability to follow his career at the time that it occurred etc...
Watchin "InuYasha", I'm on the 6th season, when I'm done with it, I'm gonna go for the Final Act and then the 4 films. I'm planning on ending the marathon next Friday for my "Michael Jackson Anime Night".
Gonna rent a couple of VHS and DVDs from the library. Renting Spongebob, Donald Duck, Mighty Ducks (animated) and Adventures Of The Black Stallion.

I remembered watching it on YTV when I was little, I didn't know the next decade later that Richard Ian Cox who stars in that show turns out to be InuYasha.
Chewing gum and contemplating aspects of my life as well as typing in here. :D
Just relaxing on my chair in my room. Listening to Creepy pasta stories. About to work on my Valspar paint wall coverings. I am making for my Sims 4 game. As I wish I could some kind of excitement for the solar eclipse tomorrow. From where I live in the U.S. is just going to be a partial eclipse. But ever since what happen to Michael. I have totally lost the ability to feel any type of h word type feelings. According to the Science Channel it's been 99 years the last time U.S. saw a coast to coast total solar eclipse. And I personally could really careless about it. And this is coming from someone who has a passion for astronomy.
Tweeting a message to my Polish friend while at the same time, got a like from Luci Christian from Funimation re. that Stella Vermillion (Chivalry Of A Failed Knight) should join the tabloid burning.
Watching "Saber Marionette J". It was really good classic anime.
Just relaxing on my bed since it is only 3:45 am here. Sadly thinking about Michael. And how much I still miss being a hardcore fan of his. While I go back to my Sims 4 house I am still working on. As I also listen to some creepy pasta stories. I find them so relaxing to listen to them.
Currently catching up on "What would Diplo do". Interesting to say the least, as i never thought it would appeal to me that much. They do make out him to be dopey though but he is an educated school teacher so why would they want to portray him that way? :poke:
Just lying in my bed listening to some creepy pasta stories. Right now it is The Russian Sleep Experiment and than The House That Death Forgot. While I download some more stuff for my Sims 4 game. Then I am going back to the game. After I had installed them. I really wish it was Michael I was listening to instead. Since I am not feeling well right now. And he always made me feel better. But thanks to some nameless ahole I no longer have him to listen to and watch.:( :boohoo
Reading this thread [insert number of times this had already been said here]
Eating 2 S'mores donuts at Tim Hortons and able to use WiFi there.
Just relaxing on my chair in my room. Since I am spending another sleepless night up. It is now 3:47 am here. Playing my Sims 4 game. As I wonder if I am ever going to get over my sickness. I still wish I had Michael to watch and listen to. Because I know he will make me feel better faster. But thanks to that nameless ahole I no longer have him.:( :boohoo
working and side checking updates about MR Olympia! side note, yesterday Phil Heath showed up in a pretty cool Thriller shirt ;)
Playing my Sims 4 game. While sadly thinking just how badly I still miss my MJ nights. 8 years and I still so badly miss watching him dance. I have Shahrukh Khan now but watching him dance. Is totally not the same as watching Michael dance.:(