What are you doing this very second?

Just relaxing in my room on my bed listening to some creepy pasta stories. Downloading more stuff for my Sims 4 game. While I am also watching and listening to the Olympics on my tv. Ice hockey is the only Winter Olympic event that I will not watch. I just never like ice hockey.

Watching "Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card" Dubbed.

I never bother watching any Olympic hockey at all, I thought about I give the okay to it since I officially quit with hockey a few summers back, but Bettman and those NHL retards (referring to governors and owners) were being too greedy not allowing NHL players to participate. Because of those reasons, I refuse to watch Olympic hockey at all. Hockey is still dead to me.
Procrastinating on a friday morning...studying is so boring! I have the winter olympics on in the background though, so I can have that to look forward to watching fully soon!
Just relaxing in my nice warm bed. Thanks to my insomnia I am spending another night up. It is 2:57 am here. Listening to some creepy pasta stories. As I try to figure out what custom content files is not making my Sims 4 game not work right.
Just relaxing on my bed downloading more stuff for my Sims 4 game. As I listen to my creepy pasta stories on you tube. And thinking it is 4:28 am and I am still up. Which it doesn't matter to me anymore. Since I have gotten so used to my insomnia now. It's been almost 9 years now that I last gotten a good night's worth of sleep. And I totally blame that ahole for doing what he did to Michael. Is why I don't really sleep much anymore. Which is good to me that I don't sleep much anymore. Because I won't have those horrible vivid MJ related nightmares that I am still suffering with.
Once again reminiscing the old "Hockey Night In Canada" days. The Hockey Theme was iconic and nostalgic from late 1988 all the way to 2008. Now it sucked being held hostage and possessed by Rogers.
Listening to a podcast called “31 Thoughts” with Jeff Marek and Elliotte Friedman.
Just relaxing in my bed working on another wallpaper set for my Sims 4 game. As I watch the 3 day X-Files marathon on BBC America. I have loved that show ever since I saw the very first episode back when I was 13 years old.
Pissed off and mad at my brother for blaming my family’s dog for throwing up which she can’t help due to anxiety and I was fuming texting to my parents over it. He doesn’t really get it that she can’t help it, he still doesn’t fricking care, well he can piss off.:ranting:
Just relaxing on my bed watching the X-Files. Working on my very modern Sims 4 house. While thinking about going back to playing my Switch game Lost Sphear. A game that I am so glad I had gotten it off of Ebay when I did. Since getting a physical released English copy of that game. Is getting to be quite rare to find here in the U.S.
On Picarto.tv for a chat and just got the idea of making a couple of poster saying “Marchand Haters are MORONS!!!”
Just watching “Coach’s Corner”.
Just checking out "Nakaimo: My Sister is Among Them!" Another cutesy cutesy anime. My ultimate weakness.
Just sitting here relaxing for a bit. Since I just did 30 minutes on the treadmill. Then I am going to eat some breakfast. I seriously got to get this weight off of me. Since most of my weight gain was all brought on from my depression over what happen to Michael. Depression that I am always going to suffer with. But I am not going to turn to food for comfort anymore. At least I got my video/computer games to rely on for comfort.
Starting watching Dragonball Z: Lord Slug continuing my Dragonball Z marathon.