Xscape General Discussion

Barbee0715, N.Y., U.S. and the stations I mentioned have paid tribute to Michael for five years and are continuing for a sixth year.
I mistakenly did not mention TVONE however; they aired the 30th special this past Sunday I believe.
Yes they did. And I watched, of course, like I have never seen it before.Lol!
Difference was I came in on MJ's solo portion. Which was fine.

Barbee, they showed American Dream a few weeks ago. It may air again.

Yes, there have been and most likely will continue to be tributes via radio and TV as that day is upon us.

I'm glad that the radio stations that I listen to plays LNFSG and of course some of the old faithfuls. :)
^^I'm glad. I only have the SD standard digital cable now,(still expensive-darn) not the upgrade so BET is the only one of those channels on there. The rest are all expanded cable.

It's ok for me bc I have that movie and of course I have the short films on VHS. But I do watch that movie every time I see it on tv anyway.
I just want as many people as possible to see tributes. :)