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Jul 25, 2011

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LONDON, October 10, 2012 /PRNewswire/ --

7th Annual Worldwide "Thriller" Dance October 27th 2012: 7pm GMT/UTC Precisely!

Tick-Tock! Tick-Tock! Check the Funky Zombie Clock! The world is counting down to its biggest and Funkiest annual Halloween dance party: Thrill the World! People in cities across the world are registering to do THE greatest dance routine on earth - Michael Jackson's "Thriller"! Thrill the World is an annual global charity event that has raised in excess of $250,000 in funds for over 500 humanitarian causes. In cities across the world, including Osaka, Los Angeles, Melbourne, London, Manila, Salvador, Istanbul, Berlin, DC, Bogota, Dublin, Paris and Toronto, Funky Zombies will synchronize their watches and their moves this Halloween Saturday 27thOctober 2012 to perform 'Thriller' at EXACTLY the same time: 7pm GMT/ UTC.

Thrill the World, now in its 7th year, is an official world-record attempt for the most people to dance to Michael Jackson's "Thriller"; in doing so, the project supports charities, and humanitarian stewardship. The highest number of people to participate in the event is 22,596 - the current world record.

The project is led by a global team of volunteers and continues to be a global celebration of the life, music and dance of Michael Jackson. "Thriller" album producer Quincy Jones states that Thrill the World will be "the beautiful, grand legacy of Michael Jackson". Celebrity zombie guests have included: Ola Ray, Michael's co-star in the "Thriller" video; Adam Sevani, Moose in "Step up 2", and Mayor of Austin, Will Wyn. In 2008 Michael Jackson privately flew over Thrill the World Los Angeles to watch the dance and subsequently reached out to support the project.

To be a part of the global event, anyone can learn the dance using the online tutorial videos, audio, dance script, then sign up in their local city "Thrill" - which also hosts official dance classes…

To host an official event in their city, Thrill the World is open to just about anyone who wants to sign up.

The Funky Zombie clock is ticking! Now is the time to LEARN THE DANCE! THRILL THE WORLD!

See http://www.thrilltheworld.com or follow http://facebook.com/thrilltheworld for more details.

"And my goal in life is to give to the world what I was lucky to receive: the ecstasy of divine union through my music and my dance." - Michael Jackson

The Boogie Woman



'Thriller' dance lives on

Michael Jackson's "Thriller" dance still lives -- at weddings, flash mobs or your living room. Approaching its 30th anniversary, it's still cool and everyone wants to learn it.

Vincent Price was right: "No mere mortal can resist the evil of the Thriller" -- even after the funk of almost 30 years.

Yes, 2013 will mark three decades since Michael Jackson's "Thriller" video stalked into the national psyche and, eventually, into the Library of Congress as "the most famous music video of all time."

The zombie song-and-lurch remains as popular as ever because of a growing interest in learning the dance steps to perform at wedding receptions, school programs, civic flash mobs -- even while killing time in prison, as a group of Filipino convicts did in 2007, in a video that's garnered more than 51 million views.

"I don't think 'Thriller' ever died, no pun intended," said Monica Mohn, a former ballroom dancing champion in Minneapolis who is teaching more than a dozen "Thriller" classes this month, mostly through community education. Some students grew up with the video, but others weren't even alive when it first aired on Dec. 2, 1983. The current zombie craze also is a factor.

But mostly, weirdly, credit the weddings.

Mohn recalled describing something in the video to one group, "and they looked at me and said, 'What video?' They only knew the dance from wedding receptions."

Last week, Mohn taught the dance to a group of teachers at Plymouth Creek Elementary School, who will perform it at the school's fall festival this month. The students spanned decades, from new to retired teachers. After 1 1/2 hours, they had the moves down, thanks to lots of repetition to create what Mohn called "muscle memory."

Marc Wegner, a third-grade teacher, sported a sheen of sweat at the break. "I'm not as rhythmically gifted as some," he said, laughing. "The steps go by really fast."

Breaking it down

The dance isn't a dead (sorry) ringer for Jackson's "Thriller" video. "It couldn't be," Mohn said. "That's a 14-minute story and is very complex." What she does, as dance instructors nationwide do, is piece together iconic parts of the video to make a sort of "homage to Michael Jackson." Stomps are expected. The twitches? Crucial. "And you need the claws," she said.

Mohn breaks down the dance into discrete portions, creating a story with cues to help students remember the order of the moves.

"If you can count to eight, you can do 'Thriller,'" she told the group, then moved them through the opening zombie steps (forward four, backward four, repeat). Her arms flailed menacingly as she stomped through the steps, hunched over and writhing, while the teachers looked as if they were shuffling through the school lunch line. But over the course of the class, their inner zombies began to emerge.

The signature "twitch" came next -- a sharp flinch of the shoulder on beats one, five and seven.

Mohn then led them through the "surfer dude" move, the "ripping open a bag of chips" move, then "dangling dinosaur" and "cheerleader" moves (inspired by bad movie matinees).

Next was the "exhausted drop," in which they were directed to bend from the waist and lunge to one side (two, three, four) then shift their weight to the other leg and, on two, suddenly snap their heads up "like you're selecting your next victim." (three, four).

As the "Thriller" refrain poured from the boombox, it was time for "the Michael," a move that started benignly ("Shift your weight to your right leg") before Mohn asked the teachers to fully commit themselves to the moment: "Squeeze your butt cheeks as hard as you can. That's going to make your hip pop right out."

On the eight count, that sounded like, "One, squeeze, three, squeeze, five, squeeze, drop and look."

At this point, everyone began to appreciate what an amazing performer Michael Jackson was.

After that, Mohn demonstrated "the claw" move, which segued into a stomp and a turn that left the zombies facing the left wall of the gym. They began the sequence of steps again, eventually turning to the back wall, then to the right wall and finally ending up facing front as Vincent Price's inimitable cackle reverberated off the gym mats.

The deader they got, the better they looked.

"There's usually a moment," Mohn said later, "when you can see that someone is fulfilling their dream of being the dancer they always wanted to be. And that's wonderful."

Why 'Thriller'?

Over the years, some cities began staging "Thriller" re-enactments for Halloween. In 2007, a dance event called Thrill the World began in Canada. More than 1,700 people in 17 countries participated, and the event has become an annual undertaking (sorry!), with the added motivation of breaking the world record for simultaneously dancing zombies.

"It strikes a chord with people," Mohn said of the continuing popularity. Some people want to learn it for a specific occasion, while others just have it on their bucket list. "The best ones are the intergenerational groups, where you have the grandfather who has no idea what this is, with the mom who grew up with the song, who brings in her kids, and they're all learning it together."

Hi PurpleParrot! I'm in Ottawa! I see there is an event registered here as well, maybe we will be dancing at the same time!



Jackson's zombie 'Thriller' brings Downtown Lexington to life

Read more here: http://www.kentucky.com/2012/10/28/2387965/jacksons-zombie-thriller-brings.html#storylink=cpy

For a place crawling with the undead, downtown Lexington was pretty lively Sunday evening.

Thousands of people lined Main Street in the chilly wind and peppering rain to watch the 11th annual re-enactment of singer Michael Jackson's Thriller, the groundbreaking 1983 music video in which zombies climb from the grave to dance in the street with the pop star.

The crowd cheered when Albert Ignacio and Caroline Powell, playing Jackson and his girlfriend, emerged from the lobby of The Kentucky Theatre to begin the parade a little after 8 p.m.

The production has become one of downtown's signature events.

This year, 1,200 zombies registered to dance in the street, up from 800 last year and about 50 the first year, said Teresa Tomb, owner and director of Mecca Live Studio & Gallery, which puts on the event with Lexington Parks and Recreation.

"Every year, more people want to do it," Tomb said. "Every year, they make more zombies. We just can't kill it."

The event has gotten so popular that dancers started from four spots along Main Street with four Jackson impersonators.

There were several events before the main performance, including more than a dozen children doing the Thriller routine on a stage at CentrePointe.

Jaylen Washington, 10, wowed the crowd with his spot-on imitation of Jackson. Jaylen's sister Amaya Young, 7, played the role of Jackson's girlfriend from the video.

Jaylen's mother, Shaleta Washington, said he has been imitating Jackson for years.

"It's like I'm addicted to him," Jaylen said. :D

Among the zombies who danced in the main reproduction were Jenny Wells, Allison Perry and Allison Elliott, who work in public relations at the University of Kentucky.

Wells, 28, calls herself a Jackson "superfan," complete with a shrine of sorts to him in her basement.

That's what brought her to the parade the first time, in 2006.

"It's fun. I'd do it even if I wasn't an obsessed Michael Jackson fan," Wells said.

Perry, 30, said she's a "mild" Jackson fan.
She grew up cheerleading and dancing, so the chance to dance down Main Street was just too good to pass up.

"It's one of the coolest things that Lexington does," Perry said.

Wells and Perry had tickets to see Jackson in London in 2009, but he died before the concerts.

They went to Europe anyway and did the Thriller dance in London, Paris and Ireland as a tribute to the King of Pop.

Elliott, 33, said this was the sixth year she had joined the Thriller reproduction in Lexington with her two friends.

"It's fun to get dressed up and play a part at Halloween," she said.

The three huddled under a blanket before the dance started, then joined hundreds of other zombies who, despite staggering into the street like, well, zombies, turned out to be pretty light on their feet.

Many of the spectators were parade veterans, but Hugh Loeffler, who came with his daughter Amelia, said it was his first time.

He said it was nice to see so much activity downtown.

"It's part of the downtown resurgence," Loeffler said.

Liz Wilhelm, 55, a zombie who wandered around in the crowd scaring people before the dance — or at least creeping them out — said Sunday's dance was the coldest of the five she's been in, but she didn't care.

"It's the most fun I've ever had in my entire life," she said.
^^ Wow! It has become a tradition and is more and more popular each year. That's so great! I wish we had something like this in my town too. :D
I organised it for the third year in a row we had 21 dancers. Unfortunately The Netherlands doesn't seem to be the place to do something like this...
Here's a photo of my dancers

I hope this will become a tradition all over the World!
Thrill The World Lumsden - 2012

Thrill The World 2012- Lumsden, SK, Canada, Event #60107, October 27, 2012
18 zombies dancing at The Pumpkin Hollow Corn Maze and raising money for local charity.
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Finland participates in an annual worldwide simultaneous dance of Michael Jackson's Thriller. Thrill the World is here again! There was 124 dancers which is Finland's new record!
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Ajijic, Jalisco, Mexico. October 27, 2012 at exactly 2:00 pm... Zombies participate in the worldwide "Thrill the World" event with groups everywhere dancing simultaneously to Michael Jackson's "Thriller!" Supporters and Zombie sponsors donated to the local charity for this event, Cruz Roja (Red Cross).
Thrill the World Nederland 2012

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The Guinness World Record in 2010 stands at 22,571 simultaneous dancing people in 33 countries!
Netherlands (Ede-Lisse) does for the fourth time to join this world record.

Thrill the World 2012 Netherlands / (Ede-Lisse) October 27 at 21:00 axis in Toverland Sevenum, while Dutch biggest Halloween event for the whole family.

Volunteers and sponsors are needed to make this event possible. Madame Tussaud sponsors Thrill the World Netherlands. Ruud Slaats photography & film Sevenum responsible for photography and film and Iris Hunters, makeup expert, let us look terrible.