Highschool Memory

During sophomore year, I took Team Sports. It wasn't my favorite class, but I still made an effort to improve my personal fitness. One afternoon, we began fundamental soccer skills. We warmed up, the popular kids were chosen as captains, the captains picked their teams--my friend and I last, as always--and then we practiced group drills.

During the practice, the upperclassmen in our group constantly brooded over the fact we were in their group, emphasizing how we were terrible at the game. All I really wanted to do was disappear. Suddenly, I heard a booming: "You're such a retard!" from one of the older boys in our group.

I realized it was directed towards my friend, who had accidentally kicked the ball toward the track behind us and was running to retrieve it. Out of nowhere and with such ferocity that I never knew I had, I roared back at him: "He's not a ‘retard’, so why don't you just shut up?!!"

After a stunned moment, he told me to mind my own business, but he and the upperclassmen were silent for the rest of the period.

When gym was over, I was still amazed that I stood up for someone else, something I never expected I had the guts to do; I was a very reserved person that usually stayed on the sidelines from any confrontation. That day forward, I had more confidence in myself. I ran for officer positions in my clubs that I wouldn't normally try, I spoke up in class, and I became less reliant on other peoples' perception of who I was meant to be.

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