~Holding Hands ..supporting the fans all across the world

Holding your hand Silouette
Hugs and loves to all. Unite and we can hopefully get through this. I miss you Michael!!!
Family always do. ^

Michael WE miss you..
Holding your hand Princessyuko
I gotchu Wen....holding your hand girl.

Thanks for the the vids. I saw the Wiz Khalifa and Charlie Puth performance for the first time
on the Billboard Music Awards a couple weeks ago. I was surprised how much I liked it.

The dancing in the 2nd vid was enjoyable....fun to watch.

Thanks again.
Awww im so glad you like them , yes the song is so touching we can all relate and you are
so welcome sils (hug) more than welcome
Daryll I'm holding your hand so tight
I love you girls , I love you FAM
Holding everyone's hand in our great big world wide family today, Everybody as one in remembrance of our dear beloved Michael. May his legacy live on and on.