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Not about Jacobshagen, but about D Barak.
I just thought this demonstrated her lack of contact with reality (and support for everything Trump). She's expressing admiration for the way Trump gets things done...like pulling out of the Paris Climate Accord !!! Evidence of any kind, in relation to anything MJ or Trump, seems to matter not at all to her.....

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Funny how these ppl say they had those notes from mike but never helped him when he was here #hypocritisyatitsbest
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Thats because they didnt.they are fake
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Well, what a surprise. Jacobshagen seems to be promising / threatening a new book, based on his fake 'letters from MJ'. 'Fake news' seems to be the theme of 2017.
Amusing that he also wrote his own 'Foreword' to his book. Here it is below: (I can't imagine why, but the phrase 'loathesome little toad' sprang to my mind, on reading it. And I don't mean MJ).

I haven't seen a publication date mentioned.....

Foreword for the NEW book.

"Michael Jackson - The Inconvenient Truth"

I was one of the most ardent fans of Michael Jackson. Many cant say that. Very, very many.I was also one of the best friends of Michael Jackson. Only a few can say that. Hardly anyone else has come so close to me. Hardly anyone else has learned from the mouth of Michael Jackson so many explosive facts as I do. Hardly anyone else can access a collection of such exclusive, previously unpublished documents from and about Michael Jackson as I would. But would have been all reason enough to break my silence about the uncomfortable truth about Michael? Now that he's been dead for eight years, I was Michael's friend. And in the last few months I had felt the feeling that I owed it to my friend, to reveal hidden truths. During his lifetime I could not and did not give any information about the secrets he shared with me; Secrecy is a good thing that should be self-evident among true friends. I would have felt this secrecy obliged beyond his death, had not this new duty stirred my conscience; A duty which I have regarded as more urgent: the task of protecting the memory of my friend and his honor from the increasing massive misrepresentations and untruths.

Michael Jackson's life ended on June 25, 2009: much too early with only 50 years. It was not until then that the speculation about the real thing was going on. In his death night. But also in all the years and decades before. This scrub of presumptions, half-truths, and slander seems all the more extraordinary, since Michael had been leading public life before his fifth year of life. He often complained bitterly about this painful denial of almost every privacy in me and other friends, since the mid-nineties.Apropos - 1995 was the year when I personally met Michael and made friends with him. The years I was able to spend with him gave me experiences and impressions that only a few others in the world shared with me. I came so close to Michael Jackson, the greatest pop entertainer in the world's history, as one can only approach a human being Can - physically, emotionally, emotionally. Meanwhile, I am proud that I can count Michael's family to my close friends; Michael's mother herself has asked me with this book to take the view of her son straight. And I know a lot of people, who have been supporting Michael to the last. They had important things to say to me, and this important thing has come into this book. A book, which is not one thing: a fan laudation of classical, ie, superficial and glossy reading. From such an elevator-muzak in book form, our bookshops have been visited too often. I wanted to create something different. Something that brings these qualities into the field like a song by Michael. This book should be unique, touching, memorable and enthralling. And deeply: I will introduce you to the positive aspects of the private person Michael Jackson - but I will also illuminate his pages of shadows for you. My book shows the true Michael behind the mask of the century's star, the money-maker, the drug addict, the dreamer, the childish, the egomaniac, the perfectionist, the unpredictable, the multitalent, the judicial and fraudulent. It has just been too much untruthful about Michael in the world.

Michael Jackson was not an angel; Michael Jackson was not a devil; Michael Jackson was a man with light and shadow pages. And I will grant to all these sides the place which belongs to them. Nothing I reveal will be appealing. But I can prove everything I reveal - not least through notes and letters that Michael has written with his own hand. It is time to show these documents to the public for the first time. For they alone can correct the many untruths which have been spread on one side through Michael, both in good and in bad. True friendship proves itself precisely with regard to the weaknesses of that man whom one calls his friend. The book will be published in English, German, Spanish and Japanese.

August 2017

Michael Jacobshagen
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Can't someone collect all these losers and dump them off in the deepest part of the ocean?
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Sad for him but one cares. Amazing how meeting mj once (his words) turns into a book. Maybe he should get together with shana,fiddes,george and all the other chancers and talk along walk
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What a fraud. Who on earth believes this? It's so obviously fake. Is he going to release more "secret letters" from Michael in which Michael sounds just like a native German speaker with a very poor grasp of English? :smilerolleyes:

Then again, there are gullible 'fans' who still believe Shana Mangatal had a two-decade long love affair with Michael when all she has to show for it is a meet & greet pic and an empty yoghurt cup that Michael supposedly ate from. I guess that's the audience Jacobshagen is targeting. He is following the same playbook. Pretend that you were extremely close to MJ and know stuff about him that no one else does, say that you are speaking out because you want to "protect" MJ from all the salaciousness all the while saying the most vile, cruel and damaging things about him that even the most sleazy of tabloids hadn't thought of. And some 'fans' will come to your defense, even if they have to trash MJ to do so, because you give them a little attention on social media and it makes them feel important.
Jacobshagen has already had an article published in the German newspaper 'Bild', around the time of the AEG trial (The paper speculated that he might be called as a witness.....).
I guess it will be an 'embroidered' version of this article which will appear in his new book.

There is a photo of a note (presumed to MJ) signed 'D' (for Debbie) with the Bild article. At first I thought that Jacobshagen might have obtained the note himself from MJ's Munich hotel, but then I saw that Bild had credited the photo of the note to the 'Dittmar collection'. It seems that Jacobshagen has been collaborating with 'Dittmar' to put these stories together.

The note from Debbie is undated, but the Munich History tour concerts on 4th and 6th July 1997 occurred at a time when there were press reports that Michael and Debbie were discussing planning another pregnancy....ie Paris. Paris was indeed born on 3 April 1998. So this article about German doctors and notes from Debbie about doctors could in reality be related to Debbie's health and 'pregnancy related matters'.

However, here is a very poor Google translation of the Bild article about MJ, doctors and 'drugs', from information supplied by Jacobshagen and his friend Dittmar, dated 2013. Judge for yourselves..... (I don't think any 'secret doctors' would risk asking hotel staff to dispose of used needles, do you??? Syringes and 'bloody dressings' have to be disposed of appropriately as hazardous medical waste.)


19.08.2013 - 10:26

Will this German be a new witness in the ***** process?

Michael Jacobshagen (29) was a close friend of Michael Jackson († 50) at the end of the nineties as a teenager , lived with him in the Munich hotel "Bayerischen Hof". He experienced how the "King of Pop" was always put to rest by doctors with strong drugs - even then with his death drug Propofol.
Now Jacobshagen presents handwritten notes from *****'s ex-wife Debbie Rowe (54), who prove that even at night the Doctor had to come to the Jackson Suite at 2 o'clock.

Two handwritten notes by Debbie Rowe from the Munich hotel "Bayrischer Hof"
Photo: Dittmar's private collection

Jacobshagen to PICTURE: "Two German doctors lived under their names in the hotel, they were called Williams or Richard. As far as I can remember, a doctor was from the Klinikum Großhadern and the other from the Klinikum Rechts der Isar. The doctors had been at his side since Michaels 'History' concert on July 2, They regularly sprayed Michael's sedative. To conceal his addiction, Michael had the doctors pay in cash. The hotel staff was instructed to dispose of the used syringes and bloody wound dressings in opaque garbage bags inconspicuously. "

Michael Jacobshagen lived in the "Bavarian Court" with Jackson and his only few months old Baby Prince Michael in his private suite, Debbie Rowe in a room one floor lower.

Jacobshagen: "Michael always wanted to cancel concerts, but because of the great persuasion of his coworkers they took place. Actually Michael did not want to give any concerts at all. It also occurred before Michael was because of its medication so close that business partners could not be left to him. It was just too much stress for Michael, so he used such drastic means. "

Jacobshagen's statements support the current accusation in the US, which Jackson's last touring tour organizer is complicit in his drug death in 2009. In the process, the mother of the "King of Pop", Katherine Jackson, legally contests the concert organizer AEG Live, who organized the comeback concerts planned for the summer of 2009.

This was not the case anymore. A few weeks before his first appearance , Jackson died of an overdose of propofol administered to him by his doctor. The mother of ***** accuses the organizer of having jeopardized the health of her son.

Another close-knit German confidant of Jackson's time confirms the statements of Michael Jacobshagen.(? Dittmar)

He tells BILD: "Michael Jackson asked about his European tour management for certain drugs and how they are called in Germany. He was almost childishly naive and was afraid that there are certain remedies only in the USA. But Michael was panicky, that someone from his touring squad was caught in the medication smuggling and everything fell back on him. After visiting Europe in 1995, he asked about German doctors. He found one from Schwabing. The then also 1998 was ordered. Among other things, he was with Michael on 27 March 1998. He wanted to get a splash to visit the circus crown. After that, he settled down again with sleeping pills. "

Mysterious: Even a German nurse should be camouflaged several times as a fan in the evening and at night to the hotel.

The Jackson confidant: "'Tanja' was only allowed to enter Michael's room when no one else was there. She was about the beginning of 20, still very young. Possibly that she also had syringes, without being allowed. Michael was afraid that the doctors did not give him enough, and sometimes he did so by asking several medical professionals independently. "

Comments on the article (Names removed)
Comment A
TM listed drugs in the red list are much more difficult in Germany than in the USA and only with a triple prescription to get. In the USA, however, there are even online pharmacies the Oxycodon and Also methadon sell. If MJ got any injections in Germany to the reassurance, were the seemingly benzodiazepine (valium) which are prescription and do not fall under BTM.

Comment B
All the stories that appear later on MJ are 99% of lies and attempts to make money. Actually, poor people, when people try to earn in this way, because they are otherwise so uncreative in life and therefore nothing else to the series.

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As long as the media's obssession towards Michael doesn't fade away, that kind of scums will keep crawling. Some of us may be obsessive fans but unlike the media, we bother to investigate who are just frauds trying to cash in off Michael rather than having genuine stories to tell.
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He seems to have found someone called Christof Steinhauser to 'interview' him about Michael, and seems to be selling copies of this interview (in English and German) with copies of the interviewer's book 'The Vive La Vida concept''.

The 'Vive La Vida' book appears to be about 'self management and developing your full personal potential'. (Where have we heard those concepts before.....). This interviewer also seems to write on 'meditating and activating the longevity of your body cells'. I guess that Steinhauser hasn't advised Jacobshagen that describing fiction as 'fact' is bad for the soul...and probably also bad for the telomeres.........

ORDER NOW HERE, send me a Message.
THE LAST 10 books.
New Book With a special explosive Interview about Michael Jackson. English Version and German.
Just 50 pieces worldwide.

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Dunno why but I can't embed right now. It's an investigative tv report (German language).
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All in all a good report to show Michael Jacobshagen is a deceiver despite they uses people like Jermaine and Wiesner to proove that he was not in contact with Michael. Jaobshagen did his sites out of the internet now.
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Makes a change from the media but seriously like jermaine knows anything. desperate to get in on anything He prob had even less contact with mj ?
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Dunno why but I can't embed right now. It's an investigative tv report (German language).

Here it is (embedded).

Sadly I cannot understand any of it. Can anyone translate the main points please? What did Jacobshagen say, when he was confronted by the buyer at the end? Did he admit these were fake items? Will the buyer prosecute through the courts? (I am guessing that he has not been repaid?)

Also, not forgetting that Jacobshagen says he is now the manager of Ola Ray (among others). I wonder if he helped persuade her to sue for more royalties?

Now Michael Jacobshagen working as a Marketing Manager and Producer for Stars in the Entertainment Industrie like Kim Kardashian and the Jackson Family.
Since 2016 Michael Jacobshagen is working as the General Manager for Ola Ray from the legendary Michael Jackson Thriller Video.
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^ Thank you respect 77 for your extremely helpful summary. They did a good job with the ebay and photo-paper evidence. I'm glad that they are not just relying on Weisner or on graphology comparisons, as Jacobshagen could always argue with evidence like that.

I think Weisner is being too generous in saying that Jacobshagen ' really believes' his fantasies. I think it would be hard to create a large 'Burn the tabloids' banner (like the one in the hidden camera film) and convince yourself that MJ wrote it. (How much was J. asking for the banner please? I heard a number but could not translate it).

His greed has been his downfall. If he had created just one or two notes, he might have got away with it. Creating special 'Swiss' items was ridiculous. It's hard to understand how he thought he would get away with this, when he publicised the notes so widely in the press and potentially on TV (with D Barak), not to mention saying that he was going to write another book about MJ's later years.

It's unforgiveable that he created fakes, that he defrauded people, that he made false claims about the charity money and that he added to the 'gossip' about MJ and 'sleep doctors' on tour. I hope that the unfortunate buyers will take him to court. I hope that they might be able to get some of their money back, but I am not optimistic.
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Thanks respect. He got had?
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That was really funny. I see many lawsuits and a tax evasion suit in his future. Haha. :)
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^ I could not see any translation at the link? (Can't find a 'CC' to click on....) Edit: Oh I get it now: Settings - Subtitles - English. Thank you! :)

This is what he says in response to the recent TV programme (in translation):

To the file report:

The accusations don't match the truth.
The report is totally biased.
I'm talking about people I don't even know.
I am in favour of the report by the lka and this is not a clear result.
This report has not been commissioned by the police or other authorities, but by acts only on the basis of statements made by various people, but which are not in a position to provide clear evidence, but only allegations.
Z. B Jermaine Jackson doesn't claim to know me that's right but I know Katherine Jackson his mother what he also denied, but I'm proven to be on a photo in her private home relaxed on the couch sitting with Katherine Jackson and we like to see in the photo Has been eating pineapple and melon and talking about a merchandising project in Gary. So it's Jackson's testimony. There's nothing more to do with journalism, but rather a witch hunt.
This report is a lot of it, but it could be without evidence and without facts. It's sad that SAT 1 people for the show people get the proved themselves criminal and fraud. On request, I would like to give you tips where you can find something. My official website will soon be online, like before.
We are planning a public counter-appeal with facts and not just allegations and legal action. That's all I can say right now.

Michael Jacobs Hagen
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^^ I wonder what 'merchandising project in Gary' he was supposedly discussing with Katherine. I guess he was trying to get her into some kind of deal, as have many others before. But he would surely have butted heads with the Estate if he was trying to make money (with Katherine) out of MJ. But then, he IS deluded, so perhaps the Estate doesn't deter his merchandising schemes. He seems to live in his own reality, which isn't very like the real thing. (I can think of a certain President he might get along with, whose mind seems to work in the same way).
To everyone who would like to help the criminal investigation and participate around the debunked deceiver MICHAEL JACOBSHAGEN, and make sure he will be held accountable for his criminal behavior.
Important note for victims:
Make sure you inform the police immediately and file a complaint! If you contact the police in Germany it’s also possible to make a formless complaint. Important is exact or approximate time of the felony, where it happened and how, the submission of all evidence (chat protocol or anything else) and the object of relevance and any other information that you witnessed. You can also refer to the investigation of the Land Office of Criminal Investigation in Brandenburg (Germany) by a handwriting expert from the forensic institute which concluded that the notes in question sold by Jacobshagen were fake.
You may choose to inform the police close to your domicile. They will then pass on your complaint to the police in Germany. Just be informed that if you chose to do it that way, it may take longer to reach the responsible authorities. If you made an official complaint please inform Matthias Frank or Chantal Obrist of the file reference number. If you are willing to forward the complaint confirmation to one of us as well, that would be great, of course. Just know this is really, really important.[/FONT]

[FONT=&amp]The direct address of the responsible district attorney in Munich (Germany) is as follows:[/FONT]
Staatsanwaltschaft München II
Arnulfstraße 16 - 18
80335 München
Fax no: 089/5597-3327
The direct mailing address to the responsible police office is as follows:

Polizeiinspektion Gauting
Münchener Straße 18
82131 Gauting
Fax no: 089/893133-19

Please know, that each police complaint is helping this case and is contributing our efforts to stop this fraud. Even if it may just little puzzle piece and a side information as for example a book you didn’t receive but paid for or similar things. If you file a complaint it does not cost you anything. You do not need to pay a lawyer or anything. Since this is a criminal case.
For witnesses who did not become a victim themselves, please know:
Best would be you set up an affidavit about your relevant information regarding this case. You may list any information that may be useful for the criminal authorities, for example high amounts that were requested for services that he wanted to offer or any other criminal offense. Please note, that any testimonies must be truthful and complete. You should not add anything from hearsay nor leave out important information. You have to duly sign your affidavit. Please then forward a copy to Matthias Frank or Chantal Obrist.[/FONT]

[FONT=&amp]It is very important that the worldwide Michael Jackson community know stands together and participates in order to stop this criminal.[/FONT]
[FONT=&amp]If you may have further questions you may contact us, of course.[/FONT]
[FONT=&amp]Please find the text for an affidavit below:
Affidavit of _______________________________________

[FONT=&amp]Please list what you witnessed here (dates, place, time, offers made, suggestions made, events taking place)
I swear, the above statement is true and correct to the best of my knowledge.[/FONT]

Date and place

[FONT=&amp]Please spread this ALERT in order to pass it on to anyone who might have usefull information.[/FONT]
[FONT=&amp]For sure, Michael Jackson would be proud to see that we are protecting his name and legacy and honor him and his family up to this very day.[/FONT]
[FONT=&amp]Thank you very much for your cooperation and support. The administrators.[/FONT]
I see he too has changed his story for $$$$$ Michael Jackson called me Rubba Rubba boy in bed and I now realise he abused me'

EXCLUSIVE Michael Jacobs-hagen was just 14 when he joined the singer on a string of tours but now he's a dad himsef he realises he was abused

He shared a bed with Michael Jackson and was nicknamed “Rubba Rubba” boy by the superstar.

When he was a baby-faced 14-year-old Michael Jacobs-hagen joined Jackson on a string of tours – smiling for the world’s media as he posed happily with the singer.

But today he reveals for the first time the full, horrific details of his bizarre relationship with the star who took him into his bed.

And he admits that only now, as the father of a three-year-old himself, does he realise the twisted and serious nature of the abuse he suffered at the Jackson’s hands.

Speaking exclusively to the Sunday Mirror, Michael, 35, said: “He overstepped the mark with me and with other children.

I’m almost the same age now Michael was when he met me.
“If I was to share a bed with a child, this would not be right. It is not normal and it’s not right.
He was always asking me to sleep in his bed. I would say, ‘No Michael, I can sleep in my own suite’, but he was saying ‘Please, please... for Michael Jackson’.

“Since I had a son, it made me look at everything in a different way and I realise now how wrong it was. Becoming a father changed my feelings.”

Touched him inappropriately after cuddling up to him in bed And it was always worse if the star had taken medication.
Stripped naked as they shared a Jacuzzi.
Gave him a book “full of photos of naked boys”.
Bought his silence with gifts – and even gave his mum a Cartier watch.

Michael is now a public relations manager and lives in Munich, Germany, where he was famously snapped at a hotel window with Jackson and pictured in newspapers round the world as the boy in the back-to-front baseball cap.

The King of Pop – in his trademark face mask – was 38 and touring Europe promoting the HIStory greatest hits album.

Michael spent three weeks with the singer in the hotel suite.

He said: “When I got back to school, pictures had been in all the media. Other kids would say, ‘You make sex with Michael Jackson’ and ‘You’re gay’.

“It affected me psychologically, but I never told Michael. It made me feel shame. Teachers warned my mother about allegations about Michael, but she said it was my decision if I wanted to keep seeing him.”

Michael had been thrilled to meet Jackson during an earlier visit to Disneyland Paris – after his mum asked an aide if her lad could be introduced to the star.

He recalled: “Suddenly I was being picked up and taken to another hotel. When I went into his suite and Michael Jackson was there waiting for me, I just thought ‘Wow’. I was a huge fan.

“He gave me a hug and said in German ‘I love you’. We spent the day playing games like hide and seek and on his PlayStation.

“After that he kept phoning every day asking ‘Do you want to come again?’ and we spent the whole holiday together.

Michael invited us to other concerts, including the HIStory Tour, when I was 14. I travelled with him to other countries.

"When I slept in his bed, we wore just boxer shorts and he would put his arm around me and push his body to my body, like you would with a girlfriend.

“He would put our bodies on each other and kiss me on the head and cheek. I woke many times and his hands were on me... one hand on the top of my legs and one hand around me.

“When he was high on his medication he would get closer in the same way as when a man gets drunk. It disinhibited him.

“He’d pull me closer and be grabbing me more and kissing me more on the head and on the cheek, He would also stroke my hair.

"I didn’t feel comfortable with it, but I thought ‘I can’t say No’. When you’re 14 and you’re there with the biggest megastar in the world, you say ‘okay’.

“He never carried out an explicit sexual act on me, but there were sexual intentions.

“He must have been getting something out of it sexually. I feel now like he was testing me, seeing how far he could go.”

The star was infatuated with Michael and sent notes saying he “truly missed him” – as well as instructions on hotel meets.

Michael also told how Jackson gave him a copy of The Boy: A Photographic Essay, containing naked snaps of young lads.

He said: “I found it strange. He said ‘This is one of my favourite books’ and he wrote personal notes inside. In one he called me ‘his special friend’ and his ‘rubba rubba friend’ because of what used to happen in the bed.”

Years later, another copy of the book was found in Jackson’s bedroom at his Neverland ranch in California after he was arrested on suspicion of abuse.

Jackson’s 14-week trial was held in Santa Maria, California, in 2005. He was cleared of 10 charges – even though alleged victim Gavin Arvizo told the trial he had slept in the same bed as the star as a 13-year-old.

Michael, meanwhile, told the Mirror about the time Jackson stripped off in front of him in a hotel hot tub. It was 1998 – three years after they met.

He said: “We were in the Jacuzzi inside Michael’s bathroom. He took his swim shorts off and said ‘If you want, you can take yours off as well’.

“I told him ‘No, I don’t do that. I don’t feel comfortable being naked. I was 14, but I always looked younger.”

The teenager told no one – not even his mum, who had split from his dad – about *****’s behaviour. But then the star had groomed him to remain silent and even bribed his mum.

Michael went on: “He would buy expensive things.

“He bought my mother a Cartier watch. We would go to toy shops or the Disney store and buy whatever I wanted.

"And he would drink wine and offer it to me. But I always said no. He called white wine ‘Jesus juice’ and red wine ‘Jesus blood’.”

Michael only came clean with his mum after Jackson died from a prescription overdose in 2009.

He said: “She said that she gave him too much trust. She was very upset. All the time I was with him he needed psychological help. He was not okay.”

Michael now has a son aged three but is estranged from the tot’s mum.

He last saw Jackson in Las Vegas two months before his death at the age of 50.

He added: “When I became a man he did not have so much interest in me. When I went to visit the last time he didn’t ask me to sleep with him. I had to sleep on the couch.

“His fans won’t like me saying these things. They treat him like a God. But the truth is the truth.”
'Michael Jackson called me Rubba Rubba in bed and I now realise he abused me'
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And fans did not treat him like some God, MJ was a wonderful, caring person. I am always amaze how these people try and tell what fans are all about.
But he is talking to a tabloid trash. Just a long as it stay there. @#$%$%
What a coincidence, this Michael wrote a book in 2013, and Wade made his allegations in 2013, and now, we can see the very same patterns with the very same stories, and the very same stories from 2005.....
such a liar.

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