Official "Michael" Tracklist and First Single "Hold my Hand" Announcement

I like it!! its about as different from the leaked version than I expected so defiantly not disappointed :)
This is the exact same version but with fake adlibs and choir in the background. I thought Michael sang more but he still only sings the first verse. Oh well I am glad I have the original leaked version. I like it better…
That was BEAUTIFUL. Brought tears of joy and happiness... but also of pain and such great, great loss. My God, it's such a blessing to have these songs. MJ is gone, but he will live forever through his artistry. Spread the love, my friends. This song, the album -- let's take them to the top where they belong.

Let's do this for Michael. He deserves it...
" Hold My Hand" :friends:
:happy_dance:LOVE IT!!!!LOVE IT!!!!!!!!:girl_curtsey:
Beautiful ..................... :lol:

If only we cold just HOLD HIS HAND again.

I love the holding of HANDS making an M for Michael on the cover ... perfect!!!
greatnes right there!

It keeps getting better and better with each play.

This is MAGIC !

The ending is soo touching!

Thank you Michael Jackson for giving me soo much joy!
The strings are great.

The new arrangement is wonderful.
I just listened to the new version of the song and I have to say WOW. That was absolutely awesome, I didn't expect for there to be such a difference. It just goes to show what great production can do for a song. Totally looking forward to the new album now.
At the risk of sounding corny...I felt like I was flying....I really did.....:heart:
Just listened to it... I LOVE IT! :D Gotta admit its much better than the 2008 version! Just beautiful :') Can't wait to hear the others tracks from the album!