The first MJ forum you ever used?

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Jan 20, 2012
The first time I ever used an MJ forum was when I registered on the board, when I was 13 (over seven years ago). I mostly used that one, MJNO (MJ News Online), and there was a small one called, but all three shut down years ago, unfortunately. I have also kept the same username since the first time I registered.

What about others on here? Or is this the first MJ forum you have used?
I first used the Michael Joseph Jackson Board three years ago when I became I fan. Then I found the Maximum Jackson forum and it became my main forum because I liked the conversation there. Somewhere along the line I joined this forum, but by the join date I have now I obviously didn't stay here long and I have my new username now (I don't use my old one, but if there's something wrong with having two accounts, what should I do?). When the MJJ Board shut down and transformed into Michael Joseph Jackson Eternal I moved there, but MaxJax was still my number one board. When it got shut down I looked more into this forum and then I found a home in the Positively! Michael forum. Currently I'm awaiting the return of MaxJax a bit impatiently.

Yeah, I have a long history, but that's mainly because I don't have any MJ friends who'd understand my love for him.
I think the first mj forum i have ever used is MJNO. Very nice forum. One day, the man who ran the forum wrote a long message in which he said that he could not run the forum anymore due to lack of time.
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Almost 6 years ago I joined It was a great website and forum, but then one day in early 2008 it just disappeared.
MJNO was my first one and then when it closed I went to mjjcommunity. I joined others but for me, they were not as good.
It was either MJEOL or MJNO. Maybe it was SPEECHLESS MJ Board.
Then I found my way here and have been here ever since.
I was/am still a member of MJKOP but I very rarely go there. I mean rarely.
My first forum was an Italian one and I used it at May 2009 because I didn't have Internet connection until 2009 :)
Don't know if it counts, but my very first 'forum' was the MJIFC Digest.
I would receive the digest in my email inbox, and we could send in responses and discussions which would then be published in the digest. :) This was back in 1996 or 1997 I think, way before any of the forums as we now know them existed.

My first real MJ forum was MJJ Forum (which is now MJJ Community ;)) & MJNO (MJ News Online).

MJJCommunity for me. 2nd was KOTDF. Then I joined few others. But MJJC was only which I visited often and was active in. Now I visit only MJJC.
Well, the first one for me was "Michael Jackson Neverland", a brazillian forum that used to be really huge and good. Some things happened there and it went offline during some time. Then, Number Ones was born and it became a very huge MJ forum in Brazil, and I'm proud of being part of its success. I was a member of the staff for a long time, but I had to leave it due to personal reasons... unfortunately Number Ones it's not on its peak of activity anymore, but it still has a very big and good archive in Portuguese. And now I'm a member of MJJC.
I never had the habit of attending many forums at the same time. I prefer being in only one and "making a good job" in it.
When I got 'net access' back in 1999... My first forum was MJJ Forum but I wasn't really 'active' there as I had a :beee: comp and then in 2001 when I got a new PC, I joined MJNO :wub: and the "In the closet" board :heat: I did 'return' and join MJJC in 2004 but for some reason, my stupid comp would never load the forum and that's why I saved for a new PC... Then when MJNO 'closed' in 2005, we were all 'referred' to MJJC and since I got my NEW PC, this is my 'soul home' :love:
My first was the Michael Jackson forum as part of long defunct music site dotmusic - this would've been in 1999/2000.

Any other ex-dotmusic users around here? No?
I think it was MJNO for me..well its the one i remember using the most bck in the day
MJJF. And there's still members/former and current staff as well from the early 2000's here along with me. :popout:

It's been a long road filled with just about every emotion possible over the years, but my home when it comes to all things Michael.
I lurked on all the places pre MJJF 1996 onwards (MJIFC/MJNI and more) then I joined MJJF the day it was conceived (2001) then co created MJJC in 2007 been here ever since.

A little trivia on my time, my flag to the left I have carried on my profile since day one.

I dont post/mingle much not because I don't want to mainly as this place organising things takes so much of my time there is little left for reading and posting.
I used to read posts on MJNI but wasn't really an active member,then I did the same at MJJForum before coming a member in 2003 and followed MJJForum through to MJJCommunity.
This is the only forum I have been a real member of and have participated in. I've browsed a couple other forums in the rare times this one has been down and they were dull and boring. MJJC keeps me on my toes and very informed. Prior to MJ's passing I did not participate in MJ forums (though now I wish I had).
I was member of MJJF and enjoyed it a lot. Then it became MJJC and I'm still here :)
The first MJ site I was a member on was I enjoyed it for awhile but then moved on to be a member on MJTP where I still maintain a membership :)
I used MJNI first and that was back in the early 90s it was a great place to chat to other fans and I got to meet some of the regular posters there at MJ Fan Parties I am still in contact with some of them :)
In 2003 mjjforum, kop board, mjuk and mjno. Mostly active on the last two and there was great and alot of fun.
When i remember about when someone uploaded "poor" vcd divx rips and the excitement "ohh, thats great quality" (it was at the time). So many great things were shared. So many things downloaded. And the speed at the time wasnt fast. Today everything is avaible in much better quality.

When i think of the new fans i feel king of sorry for them.
They not only missed the time where Michael was active, like the bad dangerous history eras, but also the great time where fans were so close and ahh the whole fun when every week something new was uploaded.
Of course, you can discover all that, but its not the same.
Well I didn't join any MJ boards when MJ was alive. Pre to MJ's Passing I joined MJJB first, then found other boards along the way. MJCC Was the 2nd board I joined then when MJJB Closed down, I joined MJJE then MJJU but MJJC Still remains my 2nd home :)