What Does Your Username Mean?

My username is a Greek word, and it was allegedly used by Michael in the early 2000s on the Internet. I chose it because of its very loose association with Michael, and what it means. "Innovation, independence, determination, courage, sincerity and activity.". I think it really suits Applehead and his personality. His being, I suppose.
My username is a combination of Michael’s song “Dangerous” and my obsession with Captain Jack Sparrow and Captain Killian Jones aka Captain Hook “Pirate” lol AND my birth year “88”!!!
It was short for “Prince of Pop” which was already taken here, so I used it instead, I often used it as my signature for my artwork with a FutraBlack font, but since I longer use that I just use a handwritten signature. I originally wanna go by the name of “Prince”, but changed it to avoid confusion of both Prince (artist) and (MJ’s son). In same cases I go by PrinceofPop8 elsewhere by adding my favourite number in.
I made this username a while ago like 10 years ago now (yeesh wow!) and at the time I just really wanted to convey goofiness and a sort of welcoming personality. I chose to use it again because I’ve so thoroughly associated that account with being involved in the MJ fandom that it would be weird to not use it again.
My username is taken from an Interview Michael did with his sister Latoya at his Encino house, the one where he is dressed in red and introduces his Lama to the camera ??
My username is taken from an Interview Michael did with his sister Latoya at his Encino house, the one where he is dressed in red and introduces his Lama to the camera 🦙😁

Well, hello. I remember you from Lipstick Alley. ;)
I chose my username because I love MJ and Pikachu is my favorite Pokemon. By the way for everyone who was on Positively Michael , I believe that my username was mjjgpperv
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My username ChocolateDrop that I chose is due to the fact that I love chocolate of any kind so much especially Hershey Kisses that remind me of little drops that I once had a dream about years back. My username was actually Jerseygirl94 when I had first joined.
My name is also new to me and I love it bc of the relationship to Michael. Fact is-l am a trans guy (freshly outed), so l just took Michael as my new name.
well, one of my coworkers used to call me darlinka. i just think it sounds neat.
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criss is for my name "Cristobal", DNxHD is a pro video codec like apple prores
my username is named after Ian Dury, one of the most favorite artists.
Before and after the half-a-decade Girl interlude, I went by Antwort, which is German for 'answer'. Most of it is quite ironic actually, given the fact that I'm a person riddled with insecurities, doubts and questions.

Just to be clear - my doubts haven't got much to do with God. I know very well who my Lord and Savior is. He is THE certainty in my life. The questions are mostly about myself and other people, but I suppose that reverberates also into the spiritual life, since I cannot help but wonder what His plan for my life is. Same as other misfits, I have yet to find my true place in the world. I am convinced that some of my questions cannot be answered on this plane of existence, but it would sure be nice if at least some of the more tangible ones would find a resolution.

Not sure if we are allowed to steal Michael's lyrics and/or paraphrase them, but I'm really feelin' a line in Stranger in Moscow Take my [user]name, use it and let me be. Obviously, Michael's circumstances were very different from mine, but that's the great thing about art, right? Anyone can take lyrics and poems and see themselves, however partially, reflected in them.

Well, the reason why I relate so much to that one line isn't exactly logical or reasonable, but that's beyond the point. Life is a question of perception, rather than reality, is it not? If I thought girl was universal enough to allow for ease of 'movement', it turns out answer is an even scarier word lol. Everybody and their granma can invoke it; so much so, that it feels like three quarters of the universe are talkin' about me without actually speaking to me. Crazy daisy, right?


And when I don't talk to myself (usually, in the car), I talk to the computer and funnily enough, it never really answers back. I wonder why..........

I have such a frought relationship with technology it's not even funny - on the one hand, I am thankful it allowed communication which had otherwise been impossible. But, on the other hand, I abhor it because it can induce a most unhealthy confort zone and favor inhuman distancing. At times, I wish I was born in earlier times, when technology was less advanced, but human interaction was far more natural. Alas and woe, as some would say,,,,,,,