janet on the set of nothing video

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Janet looks cute :) her outfit doesn't seem to go with this slow song, i'd imagine her wearing more casual clothes for a song like this. In this outfit it looks like she gonna do a dance number.

ALSO I hear the video will be out sometime next week.
It supposed to be done next week.. That's what she is saying herself.. :) She looks good, I can't wait to see the video!
Oh there's going to be a video? :wild: LOL I hadn't thought about it at all but can't wait to see her! :)
I really hope it gets regular airplay in the UK, I think I saw the Make Me video maybe twice at most, a shame as I thought it would be big !!
I love this song and I really want it to be her first UK no. 1 in a while :)



so this means Janet Jackson is on twitter?

edit: hot dam..yes she is.

i haven't used it for so long, that i didn't know that having a twit pic and being on twitter are synonomous
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I hate to admit it but the song doesn't sound too bad to my ears, I'm shocked actually as I didn't like that other leaked song couple of months back. btw. she looks like she did in that video of the song she sang about ehr periods.. what was it called again? Feedback she looks like she did in that video
I was the biggest Janet fan. I have all her music; I used to wear the one key in my ear wore the hats. I thought she was like a sister to me. She is only 1 year older than myself. Right now I am just disappointed in her. I love Tyler Perry and I want to see the movie but Janet is in it (torn right now). The movie will do great because of Tyler he has a loyal following. I defended Janet to people when they said she couldn't act; sing; or interview. I don't want to see this video or hear her songs. Nothing right now until she give full explanations on what she means about interventions and what not. Don't dangle information out there and let the media hounds and haters make their own determination. We have had enough of that.

Back on topic: She still is a beautiful woman and very talented. I will never take that away from her because of anger and I hope she does well but just without me.( but I am only a mere morsel in the cookie.
I'm loving the song and the video is nice too :)
I hope its released in the UK, but Im not keeping my hopes up...
The music video is hysterical! I'd like to believe Janet didn't help come up with the concept :mello:
I just watched the video, didn't realise it was online already.
At first I was like :mello: but as it went on I actually really like it. The song has grown on me too. I want to see the movie, it looks good. I wish her every success.
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I dont know ppl say Janet and Michael sound the same because they dont. Janet has an airy voice and doesnt sing to well where as MJ has a powerful voice.
i know it's not real the video description says that..smh. only a dummy would think it's real..lol