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Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

I love and Miss you Michael not a day goes by that i dont think about you i sleep beside the huge thriller 25 album directly by my bed. man i know you are watching over all of your fans as we still continue to cry. sometimes its worst then other days. i just think about you all the time out of the blue sometimes. and theres times when im just in the car and feel the Urge to stop all the stuff on the radio or in my cd player and put on your cds. it hurts me so bad and i will remember you for the rest of my life. i will never forget you but i know you know that you are always in my heart still guiding me through my life in so many ways. thank you and i love you Michael.
Hope you finally have peace Michael.

Its so weird.......when I watch performances or listen to the albums, it doesn't really get to me other than a couple songs like MITM or Gone Too Soon, but hearing interviews or just him speaking still gets to me. Just last night I managed to catch a late night rerun of Oprah's "Remembering Michael Jackson" show featuring clips of her '93 interview and it really get me down and still had several moments of that stunned feeling that he isn't with us anymore on the planet. :(
I can still hear those sweet sounds, going round on the nightshift....

I miss you much... Michael forever.

Melody, Chicago, Illinois