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Today I watched Oprah and for the first time i really didn't chew my bottom lip off. Today she had Mrs. Kathrine Jackson on her show. There are many things you can say about Mama K but what you can not deny is that she loved her children. Joe on the other hand only seen Dollar Signs when he looked at his kids. No matter what he has said in the past Joe Jackson was way to hard on his children, ALL of them. It is one thing to discipline your kids its another to use a strap. Michael was scared of Joe because of how he was treated as a child. You can keep kids from doing drugs and keep them out of jail with other means and those are just as effective.

On the show today Kathrine Jackson sat down with the ruthless Big O. There was so much emotion on Kathrine's face yet nothing registered on Oprah's. Later on in the show Joe Jackson appeared. With false shock Oprah says she is surprised to see him there. Asking if there had been divorce papers drawn up to that they both vemonitly said NO. The incoherent mumblings that spilled from the lips of this man when asked if he ever beat Michael or any of his other children were quickly stifled when Kathrine told him to "Just Admit it" and he did.

After Joe came All of the kids that live in that house. Which to be honest is not that many. Kathrine is an amazing woman and as much as we want to say other wise she does have a lot of help with the children in the home. If it weren't for the ones that lived there before June 25 2009 Paris, Prince and Blanket may have turned into something much different then what they are now. Which is much more stable and well rounded then any of us would be in their shoes. I had huge misgivings about them sitting down with Oprah. But as they were surrounded by the people that love them most and i heard them talk to her i began to think that they are well informed about their father and his past.

Prince Michael Joesph Jackson, Prince Michael Joesph Jackson the 2nd, And Paris Kathrine Michael Jackson are their father in 3. Prince has his fathers vitiligo and a drive to be a producer, Paris has his determination and his love for the arts, Blanket has his love for pranks and his shyness. All these things mean that they are in fact the King Of Pop's biological Children. You can deny all you want to but the proof is there before your very eyes.

As Paris spoke about her father i felt every emotion she has bottled up. There is still a lot of pain built up behind those beautiful blue eyes. Same goes for her brothers.

Lady O in my opinion needs to let the obsession drop. in the words of great king fu master Oogway "yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, but today is a gift. That is why it is called the "present."
I think its high time Oprah faces the present and let a sleeping man/innocent man rest in peace.

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