*Billie Jean* PLEASE, PLEASE...

omg :( I really hope she's ok. Hopefully she's concentrating on her health and not being online for a while :(
I am really worried too. We have posted to each other a few times talking about how hard it has been trying to cope with Michael's passing. I am extremely worried, I didn't relaise her last post was like that until I just read this thread. What do you think we should do? Is there anyway that Mods could find her details and email/call her or something??..... Please God look after Billie Jean and protect her.
I've been thinking of her since I saw her last post. Really hope she's ok. :cry: :angel:
I have followed Billie's (Fran's) posts for a long time. We have met many times at the Goodnight Michael thread and others there. She has been for a long, long time telling us she can't no longer do it, that she feels so empty and lost, but even so, she remains. She is clearly struggling with her pain and health, but I trust she is just recovering, taking some time off.

Some of her messages have given the idea of she doing something... not that good, but she never has done that, as far as I know. I think writing also helps her, as all of us.

I pray Fran is doing fine. Let's just wait and calm down, for I trust her love will give her the strength she needs.

Thanks for the thread and big, big warm hugs to all our friends here :hug:

I think i know who fran is and when i,m right she,s living in Italy?
But can someone tell me/us where?
Then we can try to find contact with her.
I really hope she,s doing fine.
OMG I'm starting to worry too. Hope she is fine :angel:I have one with that name on my facebook but she is from England I think I did send a message to check since she had photos from MJJC. I hope its her and that she is ok.
Fran, please, I love you, miss you..
God bless you!!!!
Hocus, I hope she replies soon to your e-mail! :angel:
Praying for her and sending her love, I'm so worried.
I hope Billie Jean is having a short break from online and when she gets back here ( which I believe), she's more stronger than ever. Billie Jean(Fran) is a very friendly and nice person although I dont know her well since I joined last year. Going to pray for Fran. We miss you much. Hoping to see you real back soon! :huggy:
I spoke to her years ago i think, this is a Fran (francesca) from Italy and i think her last name was something like Di Filipo.

I cant really find anything through google though.
I'm feeling the lack of it and I horo by it every day!
God bless she!!!
Does anyone have the email? Billie Fran?
Where does she live? Itali?