Love Never Felt So Good - share your thoughts

I love both versions equally, I think. I love that they both offer something a little different from each other.

I love how happy the song is, too. You can't help but smile when you listen!

Didn't rate the demo and I don't particularly rate the spruced up version. I see what they're going for, but it's just a blatant attempt to cash in on the success of Pharell and Daft Punks recent hit.

Still looking forward to the album though.
I :heart: the melody. It fits Michael's pure voice perfectly :agree:

I really love how they kept the end where Michael says 'I like this one' :blush:

Really looking forward to own it on CD, YEAH!!! :dancin:

They've done a BRILLIANT job on it :clapping:

Didn't rate the demo and I don't particularly rate the spruced up version. I see what they're going for, but it's just a blatant attempt to cash in on the success of Pharell and Daft Punks recent hit.

Still looking forward to the album though.

I think you'll find MJ was doing stuff like this before Pharell and Daft Punk were even born. :cheeky:
Grabbed the single off iTunes this morning and listened to it 5-6 times on my way to work, and then listened to the JT remix on the VEVO on YouTube.

I prefer the solo version over the remix, mostly because I feel McClain and Tuinfort's production feels more carefree and suits the era of the demo better. I like the piano, the strings and the little guitar rifs on the solo version and love the instrumental bridge, but wish the bass stood out a bit more throughout the song and find the percussion / snare disruptively inconsistent in places.

Overall I'm happy with it though and, some nitpicking (percussion) aside, I don't think I it's better or worse than what I expected. However, something I find myself very aware of is the fact that, of the six songs on the album that we've heard in their original / demo form, this is the only one that's basically just a one track (as in non multi-track) jam session with MJ singing to a piano melody. A Place With No Name, Slave To The Rhythm, Do You Know Where Your Children Are, Blue Gangsta and Xscape are all very much fleshed out, lyrically complete, and feature polished production work by Michael and his team. And I think that jam session feeling adds a hell of a lot of charm to the original while at the same time making this remix a bit more jarring than I expect the other contemporisations to be.

I guess what I'm saying is that I might end up preferring the original jam session-like demo to this remix... So far so good though -- I like the remix, loved the performance last night (though I wish they'd done the whole song) and think it's cool they released a second remix featuring JT. I have no idea how it will do on the charts -- if I learned anything from watching the award show last night it is how out of touch I am with what passes as popular music these days -- but obviously hope it will do well.

Edit: I am very much looking forward to the album -- as someone who considers Dangerous, HIStory and Blood On The Dance Floor to represent MJ's artistic and creative peak (and who is also fascinated with the work he did in the early 2000's) I couldn't be happier with the tracklist, and I also feel that these songs lend themselves to some very creative contemporisation / remix production -- much more so than LNFSG did.
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the jt remix sounds more professionally mastered.. if that makes sense?
I'm not a fan of JT so no surprise that I would prefer the solo version. But even so, I gotta say I really feel they kinda nailed it on the solo version. I haven't even heard the demo (fairly new to the MJ game here), but this has such a great disco-vibe to it. I think you can kinda tell that the piano isn't a part of the rest of the new instrumentation but it still kinda works.

Really enjoyed it.
WOW - the Duet Remake is so much better!!

Timbo should have produced the Standard Version too..
This is extremely well done, actually. If I didn't know better, I don't think I would be able to tell that this song was unfinished by Michael. Nice one. (Still would have preferred a more recent vocal for the single, though!)

Love Never Felt So Good
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I doubt this song will ever be one of my favourite MJ songs, but I do like the new versions, especially the duet version! Nice summer groove, I hope it gets played a lot on the radio. :beach: Purchased both versions on iTunes, charting now at #41 in Finland.
Love the demo version, the solo version seems incomplete, sounds like Billie Jean/Rock with you. Was that McClain's production? The Duet sounds better and complete, thats what I was expecting from the solo.
Damn. This song is getting better with each listen.
I noticed that the Timberlake version had some subtle snippets from Workin Day and Night during the beatbox portion. I also heard the exact same kind of "bottle-tapping" percussion not unlike the kind used in Don't Stop Til You Get Enough. I guess Timbaland is a particular fan of the Off the Wall album, and I don't blame him. :)
I think its a good example of sampling older recorded stuff and using it well in a new song without making it sound like the original *cough* Hollywood Tonight/Billie Jean *cough* I also think this version is more radio friendly.