Michael Jackson drawings

I've shown a lot of my MJ drawings here all the time.
Lately I've dedicated myself to a new project; drawing as many Michaels as I can! :)
I've been drawing with colors instead of just black and white for the first time and I love it, I'm totally addicted!
I would love to share some of them with you guys and hear what you think of it.. also if any of you have some pictures that you think would make a great drawing, please let me know! Thanks :D


This one if just for fun :D

Hi guys :ciao:
Here's another two I wanted to share, that I'm still working on :)



Hope you like 'em & would love to see your drawings too if you have some!
Wow, Lil! Those are absolutely amazing! I used to draw MJs as well, but I put drawing on hold as of late. :unsure: Mine are not nearly as good as yours. I don't have any uploaded online right now and I'm in a bit of a hurry, but perhaps I'll upload one and show you. Maybe you can give me a few pointers. :lol:
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@Karom: wauw thanks for your compliments!! You're making me :blush: ..Yeah if you want to, please do upload your drawings so you can share! I would love to see them (always love to talk about & exchange drawings since it's my big passion! ^_^ )
And @ bad25: thank you so much :D
@Lil It quite clearly is your passion. :lol: You're really good. :yes: And if you know me, I use compliments sparingly. I don't have any pictures of any of my MJ drawings. Only one of a drawing of Eeyore. :lol: But I'll take a picture tomorrow and I'll show it to you. :p
I didn't know that :) But I appreciate it even more now, knowing you're not big on giving compliments ;) I'd love to see your MJ ones AND the Eeyore one hahaha :D (Had to google that, I was like who the :censored: is Eeyore :D Cause we say Ijor :p )
:lol: Well, it's pronounced the same, except in English "ee" is the equivalent of "ij" in Dutch I suppose. :p

Well, Until I take a picture of my MJ ones, here's Eeyore. :lol:


Like I said, not nearly as good as yours. :p I'm not patient enough to go into so much detail, and even if I were, who's to say I got what it takes to make it look realistic. :lol:
Aww it's real cute :D Yeah you gotta be wiling to be really patient, those drawings I put up took me like a week each and they're not even done :p But seeing your drawing I think you've got what it takes to make it realistic, it's just a matter of practice! :artist:
Yes, I remember my first portrait. Took me for ever. :lol: And poor Michael looked chubby in it. :lol: But then I got a bit better and I lost my patience (not really my strong point). I rarely stay more than a day on a drawing. :no: All my MJ ones (except the first one) were done in a few hours.
Haha a chubby Michael :wub: Yeah I remember my first one, it was of 2pac :rollin: and you could only recognize him by the bandana ;) But some 20 years later it got a bit better :D (I'm not that old btw I just started young :p ) But I'm curious to see your MJ ones, and also curious to see which photo's of him you took as a reference :) Do you have a big 'collection'? I wanna start working on a head to toe one, so if you've got a cool picture.. ;)
:lol: My Mj one is recognizable by the hat and sunglasses. :lol: It took me a bit less than 20 years to get to where I'm now. :lol: But then again, I'm nowhere near your level. :p My collection is not really big. Perhaps I have 10 drawings of Michael. Maybe not even that many. :p

This is the picture I used for my first one.

Oeh yeah the hat and sunglasses = iconic MJ look, but actually quite hard to draw too :D I'm really curious to see your drawing now, I got that same picture in the line-up for drawings to come cause it's so cute :D :heart: But I've got like 200 pictures like that because every picture of him is cute haha.
Btw your signature is so funny, where is that from??
It was quite hard to draw. I had to choose a difficult picture. :doh: I'll take a picture of it now and show it to you. :) Yeah... I'm not that passionate about drawing. I love it, but it's not my main occupation. :lol:

My signature is from the BBC drama Sherlock. :p It's a great show. :yes:

Here, as promised.

This is the first one.


As you see, poor MJ is a bit chubby and his nose is weird. :lol:

And this is just another one that I did. As you can see, it's far less detail oriented than my first one.

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Aww the chubby Michael is awesome :D Glasses are kinda difficult, but you did 'em really well! :yes: That second one is maybe less detailed but you can still see it's Michael :)

Well it's not my main occupation either ;) but I can get really 'lost' in it and just work on one for hours on end :D

Never heard of that Sherlock-show, but the 'Anderson face the other way, you're putting me off' goes so well with his face :lol: Maybe I should watch it sometime..
Thanks. :D Yeah, I love the glasses. I had this obsession to get the glasses right. :lol: The glasses and the little strands of hair that go over them are my favorite things in the whole drawing. :lol:

Yeah, I was like "Ok, I'm gonna be patient with this one and I'm gonna capture every little detail" and then, half an hour later I was like "Screw it, I'm so done with this!" :lol: And about 2 hours later, I was actually done with it. :blink:

Well, you sure spend more time than me doing it. :p

:yes: It's a great show. I love it. It's worth watching. The actors are brilliant, the scripts are brilliant and Sherlock is... Sherlock. He really doesn't like Anderson. :lol:

:D Yeah sometimes you get fixated one this one thing and then after that you're like, o shit now I gotta do the rest of the whole face :p And don't feel like it anymore..

Yeah, I was like "Ok, I'm gonna be patient with this one and I'm gonna capture every little detail" and then, half an hour later I was like "Screw it, I'm so done with this!" :lol: And about 2 hours later, I was actually done with it. :blink:

Hahaha :lmao:

I think I've got to download me some Sherlock.. sound like my kind of humor :p :shifty:
Yeah, exactly. :lol:

I agree, you should definitely try it. It's only 6 90-minute episodes... more like movies. :lol: But there's more coming at the end of this year. :yes: You'll love it, especially if you like detective stories and a bit of thriller mixed with humor and mystery and a very clever and witty guy. :D

Anyway, let's not veer off topic, here is another (rather askew) drawing I made of Jensen Ackles (for whoever knows who that is). And I'll post another mj one later. :)

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Oeh I like this one, it's very good! I didn't know who the heck it was but I googled him and I can see the resemblance :yes:
Curious to see the other MJ ones! :D I'm still working on mine haha, when they're done I'll post 'em as well.

Oh and the 'mixed with humor and mystery and a very clever and witty guy' makes me wanna see it haha :D I'll see if I can download it somewhere.. :shifty:
Yes, it's one of my better works. :lol: Took a bit more time with it. But it's a bit crooked, which I realized when it was almost finished and I had zero patience left to correct it. :lol:

I still haven't gotten to taking pictures of my other MJ ones. :doh:

I'll send you a link where you can watch it online. :p
here's my drawing, actually it's not done, I only coloured it on photoshop so in real life it's still black and white but however this is how it looks like with the colouring...


here's another one...