Official "Michael" Tracklist and First Single "Hold my Hand" Announcement

The song is 'crisper', theres a little more instramental strings.. More ad libs, and a beautiful ending.. :)

The song is 'crisper', theres a little more instramental strings.. More ad libs, and a beautiful ending.. :)


tell me about it, its got the kind of ending that makes you immediately hit the button to listen to it again.
I think MJ was so proud of this track (as one of Tito's brothers said) is because of it's universal message. We all know how deep Mike felt about our world and its current state of mind. His biggest wish is to see the world unite in some form. And simply holding the person's hand next to you is a start.

It's a song everyone can enjoy, hence its repetitiveness. I don't think that's a bad, or "dry" thing at all! It gives every ear a chance to enjoy it. Now, us more "musically" inclined ears can enjoy it too if we just see the joy of simplicity in it. It's really a great song if you let it sink in. Who cares if Akon is in it too. I listen to it as just another voice of praise.

Go MJ!!!!!!

I also think Michael was proud of this track because of its universal message - to hold your friend's hand, support him and help him to get through his dark hours. It's a beautiful message.

This song is never meant to be musically complicated. Its beauty is its simplicity. People of all races and children can sing along. Just like We Are the World, the melody is simple and repetitive (in a good way).

This song is heart-warming, uplifting and inspiring. Is Hold My Hand a great great great Michael Jackson anthemic tune? No, not really. Will You Be There, Keep the Faith, Man In The Mirror and Heal The World are all-time classics. But, it's not fair to compare this song to Michael's past catalog. I come to a conclusion that the best producer to Michael Jackson was Michael Jackson himself. Nobody can replicate Michael's magical touch. Nevertheless, Akon did a wonderful job in Hold My Hand. I love the instrumentations and vocal arrangement. I don't know how to explain it. But, the vocals are blended beautifully. I think Akon and Michael sound great together. I don't have problem with Akon's voice. Of course, he doesn't sound as good as Michael. But, who else sounds better than Michael in this whole world?

After listening to Hold My Hand, I listened to WBSS 2008 and found a new appreciation of that remix. Lol...

This song deserves to be a chart topper. But, if it doesn't top the chart, it just means the pop musical world is taken over by electronic dance music propelled by the likes of Lady Gaga, Rihanna, etc...

In a time with so much confusion and doubt, it's refreshing to hear an uplifting song like Hold My Hand.
For those who are disappointed!! I'll just say this.. It's not a new song to us, for a duet song that we've heard leaked from the past we cannot expect a completely different sound.. I mean how different did we expect it to be? If I'd measure it out I'd say its about 15% different.. lol! if that gives a visual..

Did we expect a different verse or something?? I didn't, infact there was a part of me that the only difference I'd hear is a new string in the background that ppl were talking about.. SO!! I can understand where you guys are coming from but at least its a bit different.

Regardless of it being a previous leak. I F**KING LOVE THE FINAL VERSION!!!

"Things will get better if you jussss"

:D :D :D
I was really surprised that Akon pulled back on his own vocals and added more Michael (even if its mostly adlibs). I liked the song when it first leaked, I like it even more now.

This should have been the first taste from day one. Now, let's get 12 O'Clock, and while we're at it Never Felt So Good and Escape :p
I personally like the cover they did.. its simple, ya!! but its a simple song..

just for the heck of it I changed theres up a little for those who would like it..

I am NOT happy with how they messed with this PERFECT song !!:no:

I have been listening to the Original version of it for over a year !! :clapping:

I LOVE the Original, it's deep hard hitting and right on time in the music industry today !! Anyday who am I kidding !!:punk:

I don't like how they remixed Michael's voice in places it never was !! It sounds to like they have watered down the awesome Bass this song and it used to have a back bone and it was powerful that Michael designed for it !! :eek:

If this is what they plan to do to Michael's songs that were and ARE perfect as they are, they are going to hear it from me !!:puke:

How dare they try to RE-MIX a Michael song as they sit behind a desk and think their spin on it makes it better with NO TALENT at all !!

OMG do I miss Michael..:(:mello::bugeyed:angel:
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My Favorite Part Is When Mike Sings: Nothing Can Come Between Us If You Jusssssst. So Strong Voice There, Love It!!! Then All His Other Parts!!! Like In The Ending: Hooo, Hooo,Hooo. And Then In The Ending When He Whispers: Hold My Hand.....ALL OF IT IS JUST SO FREAKING AMAZING!!!! :wild::wild::wild:

( I Also Love Akons Parts!!! )
I really like it. Don't get me wrong I would love it if all the vocals were Michael's LOL, but it's a pretty song. I love how he says "miserable" :wub:
I really loved Hold my Hand... listened to it many times today...each time I hear Michael's voice my heart jumps :wub::wub::wub:.
For those who are somewhat disappointed with the single.... Should I bother trying to swing your thoughts in the opposite direction? I'll try!

I'd simply add to my post a couple of pages earlier because what I said is still relevant. MJ was pretty proud of this song according to one of Tito's sons. I'm gonna go on a limb and believe him too. It's a great first single! WATW material? Pretty close if you ask me. The same message is there. We need to help EACH OTHER. We need to unite. "On a global scale", LOL!

Could you possibly try to simply think positive about this single? I've always felt that simply thinking positive about things and future doings helps a ton! A ton more than finding something to nag about.

Yes we have issues with Sony right now. But most of our thoughts are speculations. We could think about how much Sony wants supposedly ruin or tarnish MJ's hard work, or we could see that we do have a new single out that's been touched up by Akon and some other producers (NOT Sony exec's...) and promote the ISH out of it! Mike deserves it!

Cascio songs aside (we don't know the whole story, so don't try to explain it), we have no reason to believe Sony is out for anyone.

So, can we kick it yet? Cause I SOOO wanna just blast HMH on my radio and drive down the highway goin 60mph and make everyone hear it at EVERY stop light!
I think the new album and the songs would be very nice. great expectations from this album. I have very curious about the song Monster.
Thanks for the info.
I love the song. It is number 8 in Sweden. Rihanna is number 6. Cannot believe it.

I love it. I am just so sad because he is not here.

Love him so much!!!
I think Michael is very happy now that his wish of Hold My Hand is released as a single and that the majority of fans love it :)
But if only he were here to celebrate it... :(