2019 is the WORST YEAR of the DECADE since 2009

2019 is the WORST YEAR since the last decade. 2009 was the worst when Michael Jackson died and this 2019 is just as worst, but mainly a stressful living hell when that $#|^ty mockumentary "Leaving Neverland" came out defaming Michael at every turn and luckily that filmed died down with every lies debunked left and right. ROBSON, ROBOTNIK REEKS & STABCHUCK WILL PAY FOR THEIR LIES!!!! That's not that only thing making me stressful and severely angry, the Arctic curse happens in January and February, the Boston Bruins getting screwed by those blindbat referees in Game 5 of the Stanley Cup Final vs St. Louis and lost the Stanley Cup killed my possible attempted of a comeback to watch hockey again and I'm still angry at the NHL and the referees for letting the Blues win the Cup out of favouritism which is a major CONSPIRACY against the Bruins AS USUAL!!! And Sportsnet & Rogers have the nerve to fire Don Cherry last month which angers the majority of Canadians including myself! Let’s not forget about those 3 idiotic b@$^@£%$ Groening, Brooks and Jean for having the nerve to kill of my favourite episode “Stark Raving Dad” because they got their brains poisoned by watching that $#|^ ty film and because of their unforgivable action, I’m officially boycotting “The Simpsons” and that show is dead to me!

The only good things of this year is my 24 hour Michael Jackson Marathon which is successful reaching over 25 hours and my newest hobby of Spongebob & Loud House combo. And there’s the 20th Anniversary of Spongebob.

I can't wait for 2019 to be over after all the stress and the emotional meltdown I've suffered all year long. But I still fear the worse is coming that COPPA extorting YouTube users for $$$! Well sue em' for extortion!

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