And the verdict is....

I've been thinking and thinking about this, but I decided to be 100% clean with you. (Before you're able to read or comment on this entry I'll observe every comment and person that like to read it).

But I just go ahead... I will try to be as informative as possible about this matter and explain WHY this happened, bare with me, if there is any questions or doubts about this I can (which I don't feel like it's necessary to do but if you need any so called "proof" I'll add it, by request so to say.)

About two months ago I had a very bad fallout with one of my so called "friends", it all started in beginning of June, me and my husband had a big party with friends that we knew and it was amazing, one of my friends was one of the attendance, we had unfortunately a couple of days before an argument about her behavior, the reason of this discussion was due to the fact of her misbehaving... she had 9 months before been convicted which involved violence against security staffs and the police, she had raging alcoholic problem that seemingly escalated drastically which ended with 2 months with foot-chain, she broke the conviction however by obeying the rules for it and ended up spending 1 month in prison anyhow, she decided to stop drinking and was determined to stay away from the alcohol. As understanding as I am I decided to help her and support her in this which was really good.

She held up with the alcohol for 9 months almost but everything fell flat in end of may this year. She expressed her feelings towards a friend and put sadly the blame on him telling me he had influenced her in a bad way, she didn't anything to do with him, but something happened. On a friday evening this May (cannot remember the date) she had called up some friends etc to celebrate a festival we have here in our town, to people who are interested in what it is, let me just tell you this, it's a baseball festival. She was still determined to not drink alcohol and I remember we had an discussion about this, she expressed her determination and I took it really well. The night was fun in the beginning, our common friends enjoyed the excitement alot but I noticed my friend's absence from time to time... I didn't find out this night she had drank her first beer in 9 months. Anyhow she rapidly continued drinking alcohol and was loosing control of the reality... even if I desperately tried to help her she slide further and further away from my help. I noticed her behavior rapidly change as well.

She started abusing drugs as well, I never managed to get a grip on her, her agression grew stronger and stronger each time we talked.

The first incident happened on June 7th, I started to get fed up by the whole situation but remained calmed during our conversation but somehow 5 minutes or so into our second talk she started to threat me.

"You better watch out, I know where you live" I heard her say puzzled by her response I asked if she just led a threat at me, but she didn't listen and expressed the same words twice. I was shook about what happened and decided to report her to the police, even if I felt by the time it was a stupid and childish thing to express she still had done a irregular threat. We still continued arguing about small matters and felt the situation getting more and more outrageous. One week passed and she had then learned about my report and instantly started threat me again about everything I attempted to calm her down and talk to her and she soothe the situation along the way but still had to lay a word in her sentence: "I swear to god I'll pass over tonight with a jimmy tonight if you've reported me". I never reported her about that incident but still had a fresh memory of what she said.

Because of her drastic change she had a miss fall with the police and got arrested for maltreating her friend and her boyfriend on the witness stand she completely irrationally expressed her unconscious behavior that night. She explain the rough treatment she had to go through when she was arrested but still couldn't remember what actually happened when her friends got abused by her. Her verdict was no surprise however my story doesn't end there.

I had bit by bit laid this events behind me and was almost back on track when it got worst. By now I was scared she actually would bodily hurt me considering of the circumstances, I had by now decided to distance myself completely away from her existence and cut all contact with her. I wrote my explanations in a letter and hoped she had got the letter and took it as if she'll leave me alone. However instead of ruling my decision she started calling me and my husbands phone tremendously and warned me about what will happen.

"When I come out I'll beat you so hard, you won't even know how much you'll be hurt", like mentioned before thinking about the circumstances I feared for my life now, I decided to take action ones and for all... I knew she was still in jail waiting for transportation to a 'open treatment', even that she continued and she continued to throw more fear into my mind. I had to suffer both death threats, harassment, 'abuse acts' and humiliation, even if I felt it was a right thing to do, I still feared for what would happen, a couple of days later after the last telephone harassment she fled. She had fled from the 'opening treatment' she was convicted to, I was now fearing she'll turn up in my house and basically either kill me or beat me bleeding.

August 27th she was arrested and it was dramatic, to not go into any details I just say, watch an episode of CIA or any other criminal shows and you'll know what I mean. I was now getting ready for a court hearing but somehow all of my fears I had was gone, I felt save cause I knew she couldn't hurt me; I was surrounded around by people who protected me, I had my case, I had the witnesses and the documents to prove this happened to me. And to reveal the verdict she convicted on ALL counts she was indicted to.

I WON! I had won my case, she was sent to 7 months in prison, she is gone however the soars she had giving me is still there but she cannot hurt me anymore, I've done some restrictions of course classified my new number and have somewhat a protected 'life'. But I fought through this drama and have had shields of armors around me, everybody have been so supporting and my husband have been there throughout this madness. I feel good knowing I did the right thing and is getting stronger each day as it comes.

I just felt I needed to get this out of my chest and again if somebody have any doubts or questions about this feel free to comment, however before any of the comments lay on this entry I will review it and if any offensive materials comes in you will NOT be accepted. Just remember take this as a warning to never trust people you've known for a short time, they will turn against you and maybe end up like this!

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