Begin to believe.

I've been surfing around and around on the internet at various websites outside the Michaelmania and I've come to realize there are few websites out there that attracts my appetite, I mean everytime I log onto MJJC it brings me back home, home to a place where love is over the top, more than the top, it's humongous.

I come to realize we are all people with different interests, jobs, students etc but we all have ONE thing in common and that's out beloved Michael.

There are times I think about my own existence and why I'm left on this earth as me, why god created me and therefore I am unique, when such forms develops I turn to Michael. Even if he's an angel up above us he still very much influence our life in so many ways. We are one because of him. Not to really make it sound as if he is a god or any other but sometimes I turn to Michael when my days are up and down.

"Michael, what should I do when my soul is agonizing? How can I become a better person?" he listens and he gives me strength.

Michael is more than just an artist and entertainer to me, he is.... MICHAEL, simple Michael Jackson a person that has been in my life almost my entire living. I somehow forget to think why I am a fan of him, why I love him and why I will always support him throughout anything I may endure.

I begin to believe Michael is a very strong vibe and somehow more than just an angel. Have any of you thought about this? If so tell me your side of it all.

I need Michael around me at this moment since my life is little big up and down for me, I've listened to his music but not much I am more this person to view photos and be creative in my own instead of listening to music in which I've heard hundreds of times. Let me creative now, let me feel Michael again. Give me Michael now!

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