EbonyJet.com Surprises for MJ Fans [NEW PICS from pg. 9!!]

I was just about to go and check on this.. Thanks, you saved me the trip..

GREAT pics.. I like seeing some of those NEW pics without so much airbrush. More natural. ALL are great, but it's just nice to see.
i wish they gave us more pics :( i have a few spots on my wall uncovered lol
Great pictures! Michael looks hot baby! You guys are amazing, thanks for uploading them and the video as well. I think that interview with Michael is so interesting. I have it on tape somewhere, but the qualitiy of this video is fantastic.
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Hey, isn't Michael wearing that same military style coat from the Vogue shoot in the 3rd picture? I wouldn't be surprised, Michael said that was his favorite article from the Vogue shoot, and he rocks it too! His frame is perfect for clothing. Lithe and tall, he's got great proportion.
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i hope they'll show us more pics. c'mon they took hundreds of them :angry:
hey, they did not HAVE to show us ANY extra so I'm just happy with this.. Ya it would be cool to see more.
Thanks for the pics and vids everyone! :flowers:


what's with the below the waist pic, thou :blush: not that I mind :D

Go, Michael! Show them class and style, rock'em all
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very hot...there are no words...
Here you guys go.. I enhanced this photo.. I did some colorizing, decolorizing, edited out the ebony symbol out.. The orig. one was just taken from the negitive film.. So I made it into a REAL pic.

could someone make those pics bigger and in hq ? coz i'd like to print them out. they didnt come out very good with the medium resolution
Since we don't have the MASTER pic.. The bigger it is the less clear it will be.. Cuz in the orig. Med. Res, it did not pick up some specific detailes.. Without those detales it can only get LESS clear the bigger it gets.
yeah kopv ur right. but i was wondering if theres a way to make pics bigger and in hq without having the master pic. i mean if theres a way to make those details magically appear lol i dunno u can do anything with the todays technology :p
Wouldn't that be great Roxanne... but I don't think you can.... Thanks for the pics though, now the Vogue site is working also.
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I'll play with the picture and see how it comes out.. What I can do is stretch the picture... which will look blurry, but I will smudge areas that look pixelated and just do artsy stuff to it..

I'll see.. No promises that it can come out.. I might be able to pull off A LITTLE bigger, but not much. We'll see.
well heres a bigger one.. Not much blurryer.. But not more inhanced either.

This one is MORE inhanced

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HE LOOKS AMAZING!!!!!!! :D :D :D :D :D :wub: :wub: :wub:
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Does anyone have the "Smelly" part of the interview? It's not working on the site.... Thanks!
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Listening and looking at the interview from the set of the Beat it video, and listening to Michael doing the interview with Ebony now, is sutch a treat.
He was so young!
Listening to him now, is to hear a grown man, with great sense of humour, and with so mutch knowledge.
I don`t know if anyone else feel this, but when I listen to hm now, its like hearing a man who realy is not just strong, but also at peace with himself and everything that has happened.
He sounds........its hard to find the right word, "in center"?:unsure:

I so wish he would at some point decide to write another book like Dancing the dream.
And as well, a real interview- with an good reporter ( not going to happen after bashir, I guess:mad:).
But its so interesting to hear him talk about music, about art- and I wish that he would do that more some day.....

Thank you so mutch Ebony! I think I want to write a thank you letter to them for this, because its rare to see and hear a interview of anyone being as good and as respectful as this.

( and the pictures are not bad either.............:blush::p)
I just love the photos especially the ones with him in the gold and creme suite. wonderful. that is the look I like on him.