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Feb 19, 2006
Hi everyone!

Well I don't know how you all feel, but myself it feels to me like we have lots of new members and old members alike but I don't feel too familiar with a lot of you! So I thought it'd be nice to have a thread to introduce ourselves, chat and tell each other a bit about ourselves! I will go first. :)

So, I'm Stacey, I'm 23 years old. I live in Derbyshire, England. I just moved here last month after spending 5 years away at uni, and at various places around England. I'm a HUGE ass Michael Jackson fan, obviously! I adore him, I love all era's, I think he was mega fine throughout! I have a weakness for the curls though in all honesty! :lol: I can't choose a favourite song or video, I love them all! I'm a classically trained singer, I'm a movie buff and I love reading!

So, how about you?! :D
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I like this thread :)

I'm Angela just turned 26 last week, I live in Gouda which is a city in the Netherlands. I live with my dog on my own and have a job as a secretary. I joined MJJC one year ago but I was a fan of Michael a long time ago. I started when I was only 4 years old :D. But during adolescence I drifted away to other things I liked and later on got a whole different life with different priority's I will not discuss that here...but I kept him in my heart. I'm a bigger fan now then I ever was and I love being here surrounded by this huge MJ family.

Other then MJ I enjoy watching movies very much and I'm in the BJD hobby (ball jointed dolls). I make clothes for myself and the dolls, I have a MJ BJD :wild:.

Well that was something about me :yes:
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I'm Stuart, I'm 17 from South Wales in the UK. I joined MJJC this July, but I wish I had sooner. I'm a student who enjoys computing and film-making. Michael and Frank Sinatra are my favourite artists and I collect records of theirs. Billie Jean is my favourite song and Thriller is my favourite album.

I think thats just about it.
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Hey to everyone!
I like this thread as well :)

I'm 28 (boy, how time flies!). I live in sunny Bucharest. I guess you all know about my city by now, so I don't have to go into details ;). I must admit, though, that I became a MJ fan back in 1992, when he first came to Romania. But that's a longer story and I'm digressing...So, I used to be a language teacher and now I'm a translator. Because of that, and not only, I love reading. I also love music. I wish I had played the piano better, but it seems I'm more inclined towards listening than performing myself :piano: Some of my other hobbies include dancing, painting and (Angela, it seems we have something in common) tailoring clothes for myself.

Oh, and one of the most impressive memories I have is dating back to the History tour, when I had the chance to see Michael live...
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I'm Reeta, 30 years old (if someone asks for my age it's always 25 though :D) and from Finland. I became a fan of MJ in 1996 and already a year later I saw him live on HIStory Tour, twice. I joined MJJC... wait this one I need to check, because my memory does not work that far... So, according to my statics it was 2006 :D Right now I'm unemployed, but planning to apply for school next month. It's been years since I was a student last time so I'd so wanna go back to school bench again.
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ooo nice thread!! Alyssa, im 18, soon to be 19. im from Ireland. ive been an mj fan for many years but unfortunately only joined here just over a year ago!! i love all my wee MJfam/friends...they are the nicest people EVER!!!! i just finished my 14 years of my A-levels and now i wanna go to uni..even though i didnt a stupid be-yotch!! lol

i live with my brothers..wee dog and a new wee kitten...i work part time as a wee shop assistant in a local shop. i seriously have NO idea what i wanna do with my my future and really into Makeup like but i have no idea how to pursue i dont wanna go to the tech to do beauty. other things im into are photography, traveling, singing, and being a lazy bitch lol also im a big animal and Earth lover..and nature..well except for like wee bugs and insects..they make my skin crawl hahaha thats basically ME!!! XD!!
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^^ :hysterical: at all your 'wees''re too cute!

I'm Alanna...I'm 28 years old, and I'm from Ontario, Canada, but have been living in Alberta for 3 years....I am a registered nurse, and have been for 5 years...I live with my boyfriend and we have two dogs (who are basically our children for the time being :lol:) I love making jewellery, working out, playing tennis, and LOVE to read....I've been an MJ fan since I was probably about 5 years old...I've never joined an MJ forum before I stumbled upon this one shortly after he passed...I love everyone I've met on here and am SO happy to be able to chat with people who understand how I feel about this brilliant, amazing, sweet, sexy man! :wub:
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*re-reads her post*

hahaha shit..theres like 5!!! :doh:
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Hi I'm Sophie and I'm 24 years old living in Bournemouth, which is on the South coast of England after 4 years of lving in Southampton where I studied English at university. I'm currently a contact centre advisor which is alright but not what I want to be doing with my life so always exploring my options. Obviously a huge huge Michael Jackson fan from about the age of about 5 which I became obsessed with Dangerous and have never stopped loving him. I'm an all era fan but must admit a particular weakness for the Bad era. Anytime with Mike with curls though, just OMG!!!!! I love my music in which I am a trained violinist and love my film. Doing an English degree I obviously love reading with my favourite book being To Kill A Mockingbird.
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Ohh nice thread. :) I'm bad at introductions though but let's give it a try.

I'm Henny, 28 years old, from The Netherlands. I hope that one day I will find a job as Desktop Publisher or something in that direction. I want to do something with my creativity. I like to design websites from time to time though I'm bad with Dreamweaver. For now I only make things for friends and I once helped a magazine with the layout of some pages. I also love to read books, mostly fantasy and chicklit but from time to time I also enjoy books with a deeper meaning.
I remember that I asked my dad to take me to the Dangerous Concert. So i've been a fan for many years. At first I was just enjoying his music, then I started to collect pics and articles and after I bought History and went to the History concert I started to wear MJ shirts to school and collected everything MJ that I liked.
Some people around me think i'm a bit weird since I have a fascination for Asia, especially Japan. I listen to Asian music, watch asian TV series(mostly Korean and Japanese), watch anime, read manga and I collect PVC figures, specially Nendoroids. One day I want to buy a few BJD's swell but they are to expensive for now.
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I'm Tarin and I'm 24 years old. I live in Hamilton, New Jersey. I'm the oldest of three children; my brothers are 19 and 16. We all live at home.

I majored in Theatre in community college and at Penn State University, where I graduated from in May of 2008. Currently, I'm working in retail. I'm trying to motivate myself to start looking for better work, but sometimes it just seems like an impossible task. :(

I started playing the violin when I was in the 3rd grade, and continued through the first couple of years of college. It's sitting in my closet now, and I do want to play again, but I'm afraid of how badly out of tune it will be. :bugeyed At some point, I'm just going to have to face the music. *sorry* :doh:

In my free time, I enjoy reading, music, walking, working on my cross-stitch project, collecting coins, experimenting with photoshop-type programs, and of course, loving Michael. :heart:
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Hi, my name is Christelle, but I go by Mikage. I am eighteen years old and biologically female. I am a native of a small planet commonly known as Earth.

I enjoy doing many things while on Earth, among them reading, writing, drawing and singing. My favourite novel is Victor Hugo's Notre-Dame de Paris. I enjoy reading books of various genres, but I read literature and non-fiction history books the most. I also read books on the occult.

My religion of choice is Thelema, but I like to read and learn about other pagan religions and monotheistic ones as well.

I am also into history, particularly WWII history, USSR, and American Revolution history. My favourite American historical figures are Alexander Hamilton and Thomas Jefferson, the two rivals lol. I am pursuing a history major at my university.

I enjoy listening to music as well. I am, of course, a Michael Jackson fan. I love him.
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I'm Samantha and I'm 22 years old. I live in Rotterdam, a city in the Netherlands.
I just finished my education as a social worker and this tuesday I'm going to start my job as a social worker in the psychiatry, helping people who live on their own but need someone to help them/ talk to / structuring some aspects in their life. ( I don't really now how to explain better in English)
Two years ago I worked in a childrens hospital for a year (a part of college) and I loved that work. I hope I can do that again, later in my life.

In my free time I love to read, watch movies and going to theater/musicals and listening to music. I also really love animals. I have a dog and budgies and I ride horses.
I like to hang out with friend and I love to go out and dance. (or staying at home and dance in front of my mirror:lol: )
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Well, hello !
My real name is Daria and I am from Croatia in Europe. I am 40 yrs old , blue eyes and blonde hair.
I love Michael since I was 12 and heard Billie Jean on the radio.
I have a 14 year old daughter who is also totaly crazy over Michael. ( it runs in the family :) )
I love animals very much, especially dogs. Now I have a cat and his name is Mikey.
I also love reading , writting and drawing. I can draw almost good as Michael and that is just one more thing we have in common.
I wish I could be a powerfull person because there are so many things in this world I wanna change. I hate unjustice. I hate to see children and animals dying.
I wish if I could save the enviroment.
Loving Michael makes me a better person.
On my free time I love coming THE BEST MJ board on Earth.
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my name is Natália, i'm 19, 20 in november omg... i live in Rio de Janeiro
i'll join the university soon, i wanna study history
i listen to Michael's music since i was a baby (i watched the Black or white video's debut with my mom)
i'm in love with Michael since i was 9, but i became really crazy about him when i was 17 (and i still am :naughty:)
i loooove drawing and anything related with art...
in my free time i like playing video games, using the internet, watching tv, and other stuff... :shifty: :p
i live with my mom, my brother and my dog
i'd like to write more, but my english is a little limited lol
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I am Janena (birthname Janine) from the netherlands.

I am 34 years old and mother of 3 cute little boys whose names are Moussa (7), Dialo (4) and Sewdou (2).
They are of west african/european origin.

I am into a lot of music, too much mention all of them but a list of some of my favourites are:

Michael :), Bob Marley, Mika, Terence Trend D'arby, Peter Tosh, Guns N Roses, Bee gees, Stevie Wonder, The Doors, Herman van Veen, Culture Club/Boy George, Nirvana, and so on....and so on....

Besides music i am interested in Science fiction (Star Trek mainly), Computers (Apple Mac's), Movies, Swimming, attending concerts, visiting amusement parks, visiting places outside Holland and mainly just having FUN and doing crazy stuff sometimes...
I used to draw alot and read books but with the kids being their current age i cant really find time to read and draw at the moment....mayby when they get older!

I work as a dreadlock-artist and provide clients with braids, cornrows and dreadlock hairstyles.
I am also looking for a parttime officejob!

I am a spiritual person, i dont have a specific religion but certainly believe in L.O.V.E. and eternity :p.

I am a fan of michael since my childhood and followed him around a bit during the HIStory-era and saw him at Mj and friends in 1999.
I love him for the loving person that he is and for everything that he gave us.
I've been a part of the MJ online fancommunity since early 1999 and was a MJIFC alllll the time from 1999 until it closed down.
When it closed down i've been visiting sites like mjno, mjni, mjjforum, kopboard and last nut not least mjjcommunity!
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Hi my name is Ral Monwe.
I'm 18 and going into college this year. I'm a big sports guy and iLove track & field.
iStarted liking MJ in 2001 after the iGot the Invincible album and iSaw Michael perform live at MSG that year also.
iLive in Long Island in New York and my other favorite two artists are Kanye West & Ne-yo. :)
iAlso enjoy dancing to MJ's songs. Me and a bunch of friends repeatedly watch his dances from tours and learn from them and even perform them at parties and such. :D
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I dont think I ever introduced myself.

My name is Tessa. I'm from the US (Louisiana). I'll be 20 in 5 months :). I'll be going back to school soon to study Communications (broadcast journalism). I'm VERY tall btw 5'11. There's not really all that much I can say about myself guess i'd just get the main things out of the way.

Also I wish I was born earlier just so I could've experienced BAD ERA Michael...... *sigh*
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Hello... my name is Kathy and i'm your average insecure nerdy girl who rather enjoys life while youtubing sillyness, playing videogames, telling rude jokes and moonwalk at the mall than sipping Cosmos, shop after the shoes with the biggest bling on it and gossip about THE HILLS!

So how does a Jesteress Provocateur like me get in touch with the King of Pop? Well, gather around children and let me tell the tale...

It all began with my one year older sis. She wanted to be a professional dancer, and naturally Michael was a big influence.
So it's no big surprise that she would look at Moonwalker and a big marathon of his videos often, and i was already a fan of Speed Demon then ha ha!

I wasn't a huge fan or anything, but i did enjoy his music and the stupid kid as i was back then wondered "How the heck did he change appearances?"


I became a bigger fan thanks to "Ghosts" because the movienerd as i was and still am, it blew my mind! It was scary, hilarious and downright epic!

Even though i did many jokes in the past, i was sure that Michael was an innocent man during the trials.
But i wasn't one of those fans who wore a t-shirt of his face and such.. yet.

When i learned about his death, it was very surreal. A staffmember from my camp told me and i thought it was some sick joke and i read every newspaper in the building, checked every site online and watched every news programme on tv and kept telling myselg 'This is a lie'. But when mom called me, crying out loud it finally sunk into me.

Later when i read every article and stories about this man, i appreciated him more and more. How could a sweet man like him be so blackmailed by a large part of the world and the evilness which is the media who hurt him so much it finally killed him? Or... a doctor killed him, yes but i think the pressure was also a key in his death, idk.

Here i am now, 1 year and 2 months later. still exploring the greatness of MJ and making a big tribute by writing a novel octalogy based on the musicvideos of Michael, which is just a huge MJ reference galore! xD

So... that's my boring tale, and i'm so happy to join here!
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Hey guys,

I have been on this forum for a very, very long time, but I have neglected to really start posting here permanently. I post a lot in the 2000watts thread, but really that's about it, so I thought I would write a little about myself. :)

My name is Jess and some of you might know me from KOP/MJNI/MJJF as JadedJess... I'm about to turn 27 (aeeeghhh) and I am from a small country town in rural Victoria, Australia. If you remember me from my old posts, you might remember me as a bit of a jerk lol... promise I'm mostly grown up now. :p

I am the other half of and run it with my friend Vicky ... and have been doing that site now for over 5 years...

I have been a fan of Michael since I was around 5 and was blessed enough to have met him a bunch of times. I met a couple of members from this forum last year in London for what was meant to be my biggest dream come true... :/

So yeah... I'm looking to make some new MJ friends :) as always... I work in a cafe and have my own business as a web designer and am really in to arts (drawing, sculpting, bead stuff, knitted/crocheted, sewing etc) and do a lot of that in my spare time. And at the moment I am currently going nuts wiht my MJ video collection trying to transfer it all to DVD and hopefully share some of it on the 2000watts forum.

Nice to meet some of you guys! :)

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I am the other half of and run it with my friend Vicky ... and have been doing that site now for over 5 years...

:wild: I love your site!!!!! :wild:
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:bye: I'm Hanna, 18 (soon 19 :cheeky:) from Finland. I've been a fan since 2005.

I like reading, movies, traveling, watching sports and that kind of stuff. My music taste varies very much from Eminem to Stevie Wonder to Linkin Park and even the club hits that really don't have any meaning (though I only like those when I go out.. :D)
Currently I'm trying to find a job for this autumn and winter and hopefully get in to college in January to study tourism.

Nice thread btw :)
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my views:

thanks to know me. //bow
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My name is Priscilla but everyone calls me Sils!
I live in The Netherlands but I was born in Suriname.
I'm 22 y/o and I'm a nurse in a retirement home! :)

I looooove music! Music is my life!
I can't live w/out music.
I've always loved Michael. My whole family loves Michael. I really grew up listening to his music. My mom and dad know all the songs! hahahhaa

I actually listen to all kinds of music. :dancing:

Ehmm What else..
I love football/soccer.
I loooooove watching movies!
I want to travel alot.
I love going out/hanging out with my friends.
I've met really great ppl through Michael and this site!
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I can't say anything now than saying I'm a very sensitive person..