How old are you

Hi, I'm Brazilian and I'm 27 years old,
It's great to see Michael's legacy conquering new generations. :)

Lots of peace and lots of love. :)
I am 41, so probably the 3rd generation here as I was a child when Thriller and Bad came out.

Monwalker 09, it was 1988 when I was your age and that was when Man in The Mirror, Dirty Diana, Another part of me and Smooth Criminal were released as singles and Bad was still selling huge numbers.

Andreazza, it was 2003 when I was your age and that was the year, Michael was about to face the greatest challenge of his life.
I'm 30. Scary to think I was 19 when I joined here? I actually thought I was younger than that though tbh. I know I was on MJNO at about 15/16 I think.
I'm 26.

Rejoined this community just last month(?) but used to be a member when I was around 12/13 years old. (y)(y)
I'll be 21 this October. Can't believe I was 14 when I joined! :bugeyed
Far to old to even mention :troll1:
Lol,. I feel like a grandma! I'm 51!!! Proud child of 80's!!!

I remember having a silver glove and red leather "Thriller" jacket, but being I loved so much of the music in my "heyday", I also had lace, pearls and rubber bracelets (Madonna), a raspberry beret and lots of purple clothing (Prince). I also did the whole "Flashdance" ripped sweatshirt and leg warmers, as well as the androgynous look of David Bowie (loved Ziggy Stardust)!! We won't even talk about what I did to my hair because of Cyndi Lauper, lmao!!!

Michael Jackson though, well, he was special, as we all know. I'm a new member here, but definitely NOT a new fan.
I'm 39. Been an MJ fan since I first laid eyes on Thriller aged 4. He has been the one constant in my life. I'm so lucky to have grown up with him and had the honour and priviledge of seeing him live, twice in London
Wow, so you went all out in the 80s (the Flashdance style and everything).
I'm 22 (January 29th,1996) which is where a part of my user name comes from. Although certain members might think I'm actually twelve with how I respond to them...
I’m 14, but everyone thinks I’m 18+ because of my facial hair. Didn’t discover MJ until I saw his death on the news ;(