MJJC Member Pictures !

So much love hehehehe

Thank You for the compliments

Alright now if you wanna see the real me MJJC world well here it is!:


this is me when I was in Williamsburg, V.A USA!! with my birads, but I don't have them, this was in July!
Found this pic on my friends page and thought id post it here (its from last year)


im the one on the right........ -------------------------------------^
your welcome glad you liked me...anytime i play michael he is completely quiet and attentive and so into it...that picture was actually taken at like 5'o clock in the morning..his mom had just left for work and i had to watch him...he was crying and fussing all morning until i played MJ for him

Thats sooo awesome. I love the pics! :clapping:
Nice pic man, thx for posting. :)

If you do not mind me asking, how much did the costume cost you and um, i'm wondering, i dunno Halloween but i thought people had to wear scary costumes during this event.

Thank you :D
It cost $112.90 and it came in 2 sets. (the black jacket and the gold belts)
And for halloween you don't have to be something scary, it's really just about dressing up, most ppl just choose to be something scary or so.
That's me.
Photographs were taken in antique ethnographic complex,
in my country Bulgaria




I'm here with my daughter,which is currently 11-class school :)
Here's just one I had floating on my hard drive when my Ultimate Collection boxset came. Couldnt resist but take a snap. It was a year and a half ago :)

Hi everyone I am a new member and I am happy to be here. I am from the beautiful islands of the Bahamas.