The Music of Janet Damita Jo (Janet appreciation thread)


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Jul 25, 2011
I saw a thread about the music of Jermaine and thought I would start one on the talented Miss Janet!

After Michael she is my favourite Jackson in terms of music! She has released some killer tunes :) She is a legend in her own right and has made a huge impact on popular music.

So what is everyones favourite songs from her? And for those who have heard all her albums what are your top 4 from each album? Any great songs that are not mainstream that you think are really good? Post youtube links of your favourite tunes!

I'll start with my favs from her first 2 albums (I know ppl say these were her weakest albums but I still think they are good):

Janet Jackson

Say you do

The magic is working

Young Love

Come give your love to me

Dream Sreet

Don't stand another chance (I like the fact that her brothers made a guest appearance on this song :)

Dream Street

All my love to you

Fast Girls
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I think there is already a thread for Janet..

But anyway I like her music, too. My sister used to be MJ and JJ fan so I've always listened to her songs but only after Michael's passing I really started to collect her music on my iPod and so on.. And I love the fact that Janet is, just like Michael, such a sweet person by heart, too. And she's sooo beautiful!

edit: here it is
I like some of her songs. My top 10:

Velvet Rope
Days Go By
Pleasure Principle
Love Will Never Do
I Get Lonely
Black Cat
That's The Way Love Goes
I love:

Come Back to Me
Anytime Anyplace
Pleasure Principle
Let's Wait Awhile

Wow, these bring back some memories....
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Jesse Johnson, who produced this song for Janet, also recorded this song himself and used it as a B-Side to his song "I Want My Girl". Janet released her version as a single and it has a song (also produced by Jesse) called "French Blue" as the B-side.
French Blue

Awsome thanks so much for that! i never knew she recorded this song :) You learn something everyday! I like her version :yes:
There's so many amazing songs, Janet is truly one of my favorite singers ever, she has a very sweet voice, it may not be powerful but it's soothing, plus she can dance her butt off, no other female comes close to her...

Fave songs:

Miss you much
What have you done for me lately
Someone to call my lover
Got till its gone
Rhythm Nation
oh waun where u @?

thinkin' bout my ex (lol)
new agenda
young love
all nite (don't stop)
so excited (omg brian's rendition)
Im HERE!!! lol

OMG, Young Love!! Ring around the roses, young love! That's my jam! LMAO at you Katie Thinkin bout Tito!

:rash: She can sing
:katie: Huh
:Me spitting milkshake all over you and rash! Ahahahahahaha CLASSIC! OMG, im dyin of laughter!!!

So Excited, But ONLY and I do mean ONLY when Katie is doin the dance!
Oh THROB "Damn baby, shiiiiit" Her ole freaky ass!
omg we forgot to show the kids the dance in el lay...girl, i be laying that ish down like a motha! cuz i am one now! woot woot. i gotta pee
Ooh I like her new song 'Make Me' :yes: Go Janeeett! :huggy:
My all-time fave is "together again" because of that song I became a fan of janet. though it totally has a new meaning by now and difficult to listen to without havin tears in my eyes, it's still... it's just so positive.

I have her first 2 cds aswell, but don't have any fave songs, I've to admit I don't like the songs that much

Funny how time flies when you're havin fun /Nasty / Control / What have you done for me lately

Rhythm Nation
Rhythm Nation / State of the World / MYM / Come Back to Me

You Want This / If (
I adore Janet! She's so beautiful. She's probably my second fav :) Damita Jo is one of my fav albums from her although I love them all. I'm actually watching some of her video clips right now! If is on now.
I've been listening to Discipline and 20 Y.O. lately and I never knew how many great songs are on those albums! They're way too underrated in public imo.
I love Janet, she has a beautiful voice and she is beautiful !! together again, all for you, rock witch u, some of my favourites
My favorite songs that I can think of at the moment.
All For You(my very favorite)
Come Back to Me
Love Will Never Do Without You
Miss You Much
love will never do without u
thats the way love goes (classic!)
i want you
so excited
cant b good
lets while awhile
nasty :)
My fave song of Janet is "When I think of you" it always been since I was a little girl, don't know why? lol My fave video is Pleasure Principle it reminds me of MJ!

2nd fave Janet song is runaway love that song! I enjoyed her last album more then her last two. But, I have all her albums, even the two before Control! I record janet when I see her on tv just her videos and interviews. I don't have much of her as I do MJ he is just number UNO #1 to me.

Janet is more of another artist I just listen too like the rest of them! But, she is unique! Compare to the others like u can't compare her to the artist of today or then because she is a Jackson and they always do things different, better! Well, That My opinion!
Control (1986)
Rythmn Nation 1814 (1989)
Janet (1993)
Velvet Rope (1997)
All For You (2001)

Those 5 albums contain my favorite and most played Janet Jackson songs. They are in my opinion Janet's best.
Control (1986)
Rythmn Nation 1814 (1989)
Janet (1993)
Velvet Rope (1997)
All For You (2001)

Those 5 albums contain my favorite and most played Janet Jackson songs. They are in my opinion Janet's best.

Haha those are my favourite albums of Janet as well. :D
I can’t chose one favourite out of those 5.
janet. and Velvet Rope are my favourite Janet albums. Those albums are GREAT I could listen to them forever! But again, I think Janet's last albums are underrated and her other albums are good too :)