Happy 9th birthday Blanket!!!!!!

Happy birthday to our not so little Blanket :)
Wishin Michael's little baby boy the happiest 9th Birthday EVER!!!!

Happy birthday little man, you're going to grow up and make your daddy proud!!
U little cute baby!!!

Man I feel so old now!!, I can't believe this baby turned 9 already!!!

Happy Birthday beautiful,beautiful, Beautiful, BEAUTIFUL boy! What more can I say, you're growing up so fast and know you are loved by your us and most of all by Daddy who's watching over you.
Happy Birthday Blanket, hope you have something amazing planned to celebrate this special day, enjoy it, lots and lots of love.
:birthday:HAPPY BIRTHDAY, :birthday:


Dear Blanket
I wish you a very Happy 9th Birthday. You are growing up so fast . Your a beautiful person. Have a wonderful Birthday filled with happiness , cake, fun and most of all love
God Bless You
:party: :dance::dancin::clapping::punk::clap::holiday::party: :dance::dancin::clapping::punk::clap::holiday:


:heart::heart: :heart: You are one of the coolest boy I have ever seen :D :heart: :heart: :heart:
Have a GREAT DAY B!:wub:
Happy Birthday to Michael's littlest Applehead of Joy. :birthday:

I hope YOU are blanketed with lots of LOVE, HAPPINESS, and Pressies on your special day, Lil Man. God bless and keep you in his loving care today and always! :heart:


P.S. On behalf of millions of fans across the globe, THANK YOU for giving that snot to Oprah. Classic and Epic! :girl_haha:
Happy Birthday Blanket! You remind me so much of your daddy. I hope you have a great day with lots of fun and know that your daddy is always close by watching over you. :)

Here's hoping you're having a great day!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY gorgeous little blanket. You are and always will be mj's baby. Thanks for all the happiness and joy you bought your daddy and still bring your daddy today. We love you so much and are celebrating all over the world with you. Be happy, strong and full of love baby blanket
:give_flowers: :birthday: Best wishes to you, Blanket ... :bday_wish:
:punk::wub: Hello :)
wishing you a very happy great fun rocking "happy new year" ;-) and an awesome birthday party for you with friendship and great joy and -- just know your angel is at your side all the time.

In short I'm wishing just ALL THE BEST

CU :cheeky: Betty :)