I heard in a noble restaurant "You are not alone"...that was nice;-):yes:
On my radio the presenter said that they are giving away a copy of 'King of Pop'. Then he played 'Smooth Criminal' :wild:
I heard "Don't Stop Til You Get Enough"!!!! :wild:

As always, I started screaming! :lol:
And my sister was like :blink:
My sister heard 'Wanna Be Startin' Somethin' on the party station on the radio here (I think a week ago?). :)

IT WAS SO AWESOME. :D She yelled at me to come to her room to listen to it of course. LOL :lol:
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The radio stations in Philly play MJ everyday. I can't even tell you how great that is. I would change the station and MJ is on. It happened to me last week when I was changing the station and I heard "WBSS" on 106.1FM (great station because it plays the songs that people actually know and love) and I was happy. However, this particular radio station do not play the song all the way through. It cuts certain parts and I really dislike that.
Not on the radio, again but I saw Will&Grace episode where they sang Ben in the end :)
Also in the Eurovision dance contest Polish couple was dancing to Black or White and Whatever happends.

Sorry a bit O/T.
went tenpin bowling last night and in the first 20mins i heard Blame It On The Boogie, Billie Jean and Somebody's Watching Me
Today, I bought a Prince and an MJ CD. Then I had to go to the opticians and on the radio they played 'Purple Rain' and 'Smooth Criminal'. Spooky :bugeyed
In 24 hours I heard Billie Jean and ABC on restaurant, and Thriller on radio.
I didn't hear MJ on the radio but when i was out the DJ who was ment to play at this club never showed up so everyone had to pick their on songs on the Jukebox, and it was amazing how many people picked a Michael Jackson song

The MJ songs that people picked were

Billie Jean
Smooth Criminal
They Don't Care About Us
The Way You Make Me Feel
Another Part Of Me
You Rock My World
Don't Stop Til You Get Enough
It's The Falling In Love
Beat It
Black Or White
Can't Let Her Get Away

So yeah alot of MJ was played that night
i heard dont blame it on the boogie twice on 2 different radio stations he other day
The other day while I was at the dentist's (actually in the chair about to get my teeth cleaned lol,) DSTYGE came on, and I said 'Michael!', and the hygienist laughed and figured I was a fan, so we talked about MJ lol. She said that her daughter's dance class performed Thriller for an open house, and that her daughter was floored when she saw MJ's videos etc. on the computer. MJ's legacy continues, and will continue to live on... yeah! lol
I heard "PYT" on the radio a few hours ago when I was at the hair dresser :). That song always puts me in a good mood.
It wasn't on the radio, but I was watching Step Up 2 :p and I saw a guy wearing a Thriller jacket lool.
YAHHHHHH!!!! I am listening to a radio station as we speak, and they usually play music from the 60's, 70's and 80's. And this morning they had a small contest going on. It was a MICHAEL JACKSON contest!!!!! They played the 3 top requested songs from him. They were DSTYGE, Billie Jean and Rock With You. Then you had to call in and give the name of his bestselling album (durrrrrrr. Thriller) and also name the producer (durrrrr again, QJ). Lame contest I know, but I tried to win. Couldn't though. The lines were tied up. The prize was the Michael Jackson Gold album, which I actually wanted because I don't have much from his old solo collections.

Hey, at least I heard some MJ in the morning before class!
Off The Wall just played on XM's "80's on 8" DirecTV channel. Last night, part of WBSS was played on one of the XM stations in a megamix including I Kissed A Girl, a Chris Brown song (forgot which one), and some other songs (again, forgot them).
Yesterday on the party station Ryan Seacrest introduced Michael's song. :) He said something like.. "Some guy he wants us to play a Michael Jackson song.. so here we go!" and then he played PYT! :woohoo:
I danced lol, it's so awesome hearing him on radio, his music for a change. :)
This was a while ago..
but me and my friend were at a waterpark and she's also a huge fan of MJ, and we had actually been talking about how we could make a MJ-themed waterpark (lol), and then we were waiting in line a little ways off from the snack place that had a radio, and we were suddenly like, "Wait a second. Is that....?" And we could hear Billie Jean faintly playing from the radio :) We could only really hear the beat, but it was a nice suprise :)

Oh yeah, and I went to a fair, and they were playing ABC on one of the rides.
well it wasn't the radio, but i went to an assembly dance tonight (a bunch of high school kids from all over go to like a hotel or something and it's sort of like a school dance) and they played billie jean. i think every one of the assembly dances i've been to they've played billie jean which totally rocks. but anyways this time was better because there was a screen above the dance floor and they showed the music video to it so i had to stop dancing for a few seconds to stare at the screen and then totally get down to the song.
Off The Wall just played on XM's "80's on 8" DirecTV channel. Last night, part of WBSS was played on one of the XM stations in a megamix including I Kissed A Girl, a Chris Brown song (forgot which one), and some other songs (again, forgot them).

OTW just played again. This song seems popular on XM.
Not on the radio, but visited london last week and I'll be there was playing in Harrods. Also Heal the world was playing in the Trafford Center, Manchester, and also in the same mall a clothes shop we went into had the Thriller album playing so my daughter and I suddenly needed to browse in the shop for nearly half an hour!!!!
^^ Haha.

On tv, at the hockey game, they played Somebody's Watching Me. And on the radio, there was a commercial for some Halloween-related event, and they played Thriller.
One day in the car on a little 30 minute trip I heard Michael 3 times!!! - on the radio! I was so excited and happy. Hearing his sweet, sexy voice come through those speakers brightens my day everytime! Oh, and the songs that I heard were '' Remember the Time'' , '' Wanna Be Starting Something '' and '' Billie Jean'' . Special memories!! hehe!

It also makes me really happy whenever I hear someone call in and request a Michael Jacskon song! That's just the cutest thing! As a matter of fact , the first song I ever requested on the radio was one by Michael. The dj said he would play it as long as I did the moonwalk LOL!!
I was in Sephora today and on came "Butterflies". It was such a nice surprise to hear it and wondered if anyone else noticed. I had a huge smile on my face the whole time it was playing and kinda started to lip-sync along LOL! And guess what happened next? "Don't Stop Til You Get Enough"! Could it be all-Michael songs today. I wish. It was only those two, but it was so great! I always have my ipod on me, so I have instant access to his music anytime, but its always exciting to hear it w/ other people around.
In McDonalds they played Fall Out Boy's version of 'Beat It' and then in the shopping centre they played 'Blame It On the Boogie'.
I was in the MAC cosmetics shop this past weekend and Billie Jean 2008 with Kanye came on! lol I stopped and said "it Michael" when i recognized the beat, I think I was the only one who noticed though but thats ok.